10 Best Golf Balls For Seniors

As with clubs, golf ball manufacturers have recognized the need to provide golf balls that suit senior golfers, and most of the world’s ball brands have come to the party with a variety of golf balls that suit swing speeds and budgets.

The 10 best golf balls for seniors are:

  1. Titleist Tour Soft
  2. Wilson Duo Soft +
  3. Callaway Super Soft
  4. Volvik Vivid
  5. Mizuno RB566
  6. Bridgestone E6
  7. Nitro Ultimate Distance
  8. Vice Drive Golf Ball
  9. Taylor Made Soft Response
  10. Srixon Soft Feel

Watching Gary Player, Nicklaus, and Tom Watson tee off at the Masters, aging was evident, but losing some physical ability doesn’t mean that you can still get it out there and get it close! Let’s look at the best golf balls for seniors and which one you could use in your game and unless otherwise stated, prices are from Amazon.

What To Consider When Buying Golf Balls As A Senior?

Senior golf certainly has its challenges, and one of them is maintaining distance and spin on the golf ball as the swing speed decreases due to a gradual loss of flexibility and strength.

Senior golfers need to take advantage wherever they can. Because the technology exists to understand better the equipment requirements for seniors, golf ball and golf club manufacturers have been able to produce golf balls and clubs that deliver better performance at this level of the game.

Senior players and ladies have much in common in some respects, especially when it comes to clubhead speed. They often use similar shafts and balls to get optimum results. This is why you find ladies with similar flex shafts and golf balls as senior men.

Higher Compression Golf Balls For Lower Swing Speed

While some senior players maintain swing speed and look for golf balls that work with higher swing speeds, many senior players will look for lower compression balls that are more suited to lower swing speeds.

Lower compression balls utilize the internal structures more efficiently at lower impact speeds, creating higher compression internally and giving more ball speed off the clubface and subsequently more distance for the player.

So a senior player with a slower swing speed can still get a reasonable distance off the tee and on their approach shots by using the right compression ball with clubs that suit the swing speed.

Higher Visibility Golf Balls

Along with some physical strength loss, senior players often experience deterioration in their eyesight, so golf balls that are more suited for seniors often need to be bright and reflective.

They often come in a variety of more brilliant colors such as orange and shades of yellow to make the balls more visible in the first and second cuts.

Many golf balls made for senior players need to have better visibility in the rough, and some may even appear luminescent, which makes finding them that much easier.

Control, Spin, And Feel

Depending on the level of the golfer, senior players also require the same feel on the golf ball, especially around the greens, as some of the balls will feel harder off the clubface and not impart as much spin.

This means that a ball that can grab the green quickly from approach or chip shots is essential at this level of the game – as it is at all levels. Depending on the player and their game, they may want less spin to give more distance off the tee or more spin for higher shots that land softer.

Balls that reduce sidespin are also sought after as they promote a straighter flight and tend to minimize the left-to-right sidespin on the ball off the clubface.

Cost And Durability

You don’t see the Titleist Pro V1 on this list because it is expensive, and its urethane cover is prone to damage from the impact on cart paths and even some wedge shots.

For seniors, the choice of the ball needs to balance distance, spin, feel, durability, and price, and here the more expensive balls are not worth the extra money as they make little or no difference on the performance side and make the same splash when they hit the water!

There are plenty of golf balls for senior players that deliver outstanding performance at high or low swing speeds, but they are significantly cheaper than the Pro V1. They will last in terms of playability for a round or two without sacrificing performance.

Understanding Ball Compression

This post will refer to the compression factor, so you must understand what it means and how it relates to your ball choice. Compression is simply a measure of how much the ball’s core can compress under the forces of impact and reflects how tightly or loosely the ball is wound.

The softer feel balls are wound less tightly than the harder balls and feel softer on impact.

So a low compression ball requires less swing speed, power, and impact to compress, while higher compression balls need higher swing speed for the core materials to react under the force of impact.

The lower the swing, the lower the ball compression needed to deliver distance and vice versa.

Ball compression is rated as low, medium, and high reduction.

So a ball with a compression rating of 80 or less is best suited to low swing speeds; medium compression balls will have a rating of 90 and give a balance between distance and control.

Golf balls that are produced with a compression rating of 100 are for the power hitters and provide maximum accuracy and distance.

Get Ball Fitted

And no, that’s not what you may think! With the existing technology available, no longer is it a case to buy any golf ball and play. As you would get fitted for clubs and shafts, use the technology to get fitted for the golf ball best suited to your game.

There is no doubt whatsoever from tests and data that using a golf ball better suited to your swing speed will add better and more consistent results to your performance on the course.

Golf balls have different compression and spin ratios designed to allow golfers of all levels to pick a ball that will enhance their game rather than create unnecessary challenges.

So, when you are looking at golf balls, chat to your pro shop consultant and, if need be, get on the simulator, check your swing speed and associated ball-striking data, and then look at which ball options would be optimal.

A range of balls is available to suit budgets, swing speeds, and various color options for greater visibility, so there is no excuse not to get ball fitted!

Now that we understand some of the technical elements of golf ball requirements suited to senior players let’s look at the ten best golf balls for seniors available today.

1. Titleist Tour Soft – Best Ball For Low Handicap Seniors

Titleist Tour Soft Golf BallsTitleist’s Pro V 1 has the honor of being the top golf ball on tour, and the Tour Pro soft brings that same quality to a softer ball for seniors with good swing speeds.

This ball is not for slow swing speeds but is best suited for senior players in the low-handicap and single-figure handicap range that still generate higher swing speeds and have excellent ball-striking ability.

Priced lower and more durable than the Pro V 1, the Tour Soft replaces the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S line of balls.

It is noticeably softer to the touch, and while good crisp contact and good swing speed are necessary, this ball will grip and hold the greens on those short chips.

The Tour Soft is not the longest ball for slower swing speed players, and you would be better off with a harder ball if it’s the distance you are looking for, but for single-digit players at the senior level, this beauty from Titleist is tough to beat.

Durable, responsive, and well-priced, with good distance, offering spin and control from around the greens and shaping shots from the tee and fairway, the Titleist Tour Soft is a great all-round option!

Priced around $35 / dozen, this is a premium ball, but not in the same price league as the Pro V 1 at under $3/ball; it is a good investment for players at this skill level.

2. Wilson Duo Soft +

Wilson DUO Soft+ Golf BallsThis is an excellent option for medium to low swing speeds as it has a super low compression factor of 36, making this an ideal choice for the modest swing speed. Thanks to Wilson’s core technology, this ultra-low compression factor will give that super soft feel on impact but fly surprisingly far.

As a two-piece ball with Wilson’s VelocitiCor, this is perfect for swing speeds under 90mph and will provide great distance and good accuracy for players at the mid-high handicap level.

Using this new core technology to deliver more distance off the clubface will please players looking for that soft feel but not compromising distance.

Wilson claims this is the softest and longest golf ball available and it seems from the feedback and reviews received; that they could well be right! One of the pros of this ball is that it comes in a good variety of bright colors!

From orange and yellow to pink, red, and green, these will be a lot easier to find in the rough than the plain white, and even that one has a certain bright shimmer to the cover!

The Wilson Duo+ is also very well priced at around $23/dozen on Amazon, so it won’t break the bank while providing excellent performance off the tee and around the greens.

3. Callaway Super Soft

Callaway Supersoft Golf BallsSince many senior players would be in the medium swing speed range, the Callaway Super Soft is another excellent golf ball option for players looking for distance and control, and accuracy.

This is not a ball suited to the low handicapper with a higher swing speed, and those players may find themselves seeking a higher compression ball to get the best results from their game.

The Callaway Super Soft is a two-piece ball and comes in a variety of bright colors for enhanced visibility both in flight and in the rough and is available in green, orange, red, yellow, pink, and standard white matte finish.

Callaway uses the HEX Aerodynamic technology found on many of its other golf balls to reduce drag and promote greater lift for height, distance and carry. As another ultra-low compression ball, the Super Soft provides a faster ball speed from impact and delivers a straighter flight for accuracy.

The new Trigonometry formulated cover is softer and gives a great feel for those shots around the green, offering reasonable control and touch in a super soft and durable ball. In contrast, the Soft Compression Core provides a lower spinning, higher launching ball for the long club shots, which delivers surprisingly good receptiveness on the greens.

Priced at the $27/dozen mark, these are cheaper than the Titleist Tour Soft and slightly more per ball than the Wilson Duo Soft+.

4. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls – Best Ball For High Visibility

Volvik Vivid Golf BallsFinding your golf ball after playing it can be challenging, especially if you have hit it in the second cut. Volvik has made their Vivid Golf balls that much easier to find, and this makes them an excellent option for players that tend to find themselves more off than on the fairways during their round.

Available in eight colors: purple, pink, green, yellow, red, orange , white and blue – yes BLUE- these brightly colored matte finish balls are some of the most visible golf balls ever produced.

Aside from the colors, Volvik uses their resilient Nano Bi high-energy core to promote a faster and higher launching, lower spinning ball off the tee for greater distance and accuracy.

This three-piece ball is better suited to players with mid-to-low swing speeds and is priced at $32.99 from the Volvik website, the Vivid is in the premium price bracket for golf balls, but hey, if you lose fewer of them, then it certainly is worth a few extra dollars!

And for extra interest, imagine your playing partner’s expression when you pull out a bright BLUE ball and tee it up. Let’s say that the ‘blue ball’ comments will dominate the banter during that round!

5. Mizuno RB 566 – Best For Warm Conditions

MIZUNO RB 566V GOLF BALLSMany senior golfers look to retire in the warmer areas of the USA and play golf there, so why not consider a ball designed to provide optimum performance under those atmospheric conditions?

Mizuno is a well-known and highly respected manufacturer of premium golf clubs, and their forage into golf balls is no different.

Named the 566 because it has phenomenal 566 dimples, this ball is designed to fly high and far, especially where the air is warm and moist, and this ball is superbly suited to players with mid and low swing speeds looking for some extra height on their shots.

If you consider that most golf balls have between 300 and 500 dimples, but are more around the 380-420 range on average, a golf ball that has 566 dimples is going to deliver some noticeably enhanced flight performance.

Dimples on the ball allow for lift by reducing the drag on the ball, so if you want some severe flight, then Mizuno’s 566 balls could well have found a home in your bag.

For players that struggle to achieve straighter flight with a measurably reduced right to left shape, the Mizuno 566 could well be the answer to your prayers. The ball also produced good green grab while still having some rollout on the chips.

This ball, like their clubs, does come at a premium at $41.99 per dozen or $3.50 per ball, and this can put some senior players off using this one, but for the performance and incredible flight dynamics and overall performance, the extra $10 or so per dozen is not a train smash.

By comparison, the Pro V 1 sells for around $50 per dozen, and for players with a low and medium swing speed, the Pro V 1 is not an option, so the 566 could well be.

6. Bridgestone E 6

Bridgestone e6 Golf BallsAfter Tiger won the 2019 Masters with a Bridgestone ball, a great deal more interest has been focused on this brand, and with good reason.

The E6 is specially designed as a low compression super soft ball that delivers excellent ball speed and distance and balances that with a great feel around the greens and touch off the putter.

The feel is comparable to the Callaway SuperSoft and has good durability as a three-piece ball, and is well-priced to add that extra value for senior players. For $24.99 per dozen, this certainly is a contender for players with mid-to-low swing speeds seeking some ‘Tiger’ in their tank.

One of the major criticisms with this ball is that the alignment markings on the ball aren’t that helpful, and for players that utilize markings and lines on the ball without having to use a sharpie, this can be a frustration.

However, since most golfers at the senior level have their little marking methods, this is hardly a valid reason to discount the quality of the Bridgestone E6 as an option for your game ball.

7. Nitro Ultimate Distance – Best Durability

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf BallsThis is one tough golf ball and well priced to boot! You will be hard pressed for a better option than the Nitro, where distance is the main focus. The cut-resistant cover and high-energy core give senior players incredible ball speed and distance.

The secret to the distance is the Titanium core that reacts with the incredible response to impact and produces massive energy that rockets the ball off the clubface and sends it far into the yonder!

While this is a two-piece ball, the Nitro produces noticeably improved distances off the tee with its low spin core, and for senior players, distance is undoubtedly a vital factor as it is at all game levels.

The Nitro’s drawback is that it is distance focused, so spin and touch around the greens are sacrificed for the yardages gained. But, where it lacks in touch and feel, it makes up for with its unparalleled durability.

The cover is made from Lithium-Surlyn and is virtually indestructible, and will effectively resist cuts and scuff marks even if it lands on the cart path or other kinds of less than ideal surfaces.

Another big plus for this ball is the price. Most golf balls come in packs of a dozen, while the Nitro is packaged in 15s and available in orange, yellow, pink, and white, and $29 for 15 is certainly right up there for value and performance.

8. Vice Drive Golf Ball – Distance & Durability

Vice Drive Golf BallsThe Vice Drive is a long-distance, ultra-durable, and value-for-money golf ball like the Nitro, and at under $20 per dozen, this will make a lot of senior players sit up and take notice.

It is a two-piece ball with a Surlyn cover but engineered to be highly durable and cut-resistant making it playable round after round.

Like many others in this discussion, this one is not suited for senior players with higher than average swing speeds and has a lower compression core that is more compatible with players with low and medium swing speeds.

The Soft Speed Energy core delivers that higher energy on impact, accelerating the ball of the clubface and sending it high and far down the fairway. The Vice provides for senior players who seek the distance with the slower swing speeds.

However, unlike the Nitro, the Vice has better feel and control from around the greens, so touch and control on delicate shots are not lost to the distance gods as much as one may expect from a distance-focused ball.

9. TaylorMade Soft Response

C:\Users\CSW\Documents\Websites\TeeOneUpGolf.com\TaylorMade Soft Response Golf BallsTaylorMade’s forage into softer golf balls designed for players that swing a slower has delivered the 50 compressions Soft Response ball, and this three-piece ball is a great overall performer.

The lower compression means more core energy at impact, which means more distance, but as a three-piece, it also offers excellent control, spin, and feel on approach and touch shots around the greens.

Knowing your swing speed becomes a critical aspect if you are looking at this (and any ball) as higher swing speeds will lose distance with this ball, while senior players with mid and low swing speeds will love the performance in space and short games.

The use of steeper and shallow dimples increases lift and reduces drag, while the Speedmantle layer and larger core sustain distance and direction.

The Soft Response ball is the model underneath their TP5, and players can expect the type of premium performance at this level priced at $24.99 (TaylorMade.com); it also offers excellent value.

10. Srixon Soft Feel

Srixon Men's Soft Feel Golf BallsThe Soft Feel ball is now in its 12th generation, and Srixon has incorporated all that prior experience into the latest models. With 338 dimples that cut through the wind, the FastLayer core transitions from a soft core to a harder edge for increased ball speed.

A resilient design also snaps back to shape faster from impact and reduces the effect of sidespin from the long clubs, making it straighter off the tee. While this ball does not produce the same spin levels as the premium models, it still has a great feel off the cover and control on the short game.

Priced at under $23 per dozen, the Srixon Soft Feel is a verifiable contender as the best overall golf ball for seniors.


With a good variety of golf balls to suit every level of senior play, golfers can be more discerning and pick a ball that takes the best of their game and translates it into better overall performance.

With durability, distance, and a range of price options to suit every budget, choosing a senior-level golf ball that will deliver optimum results is as easy as it has ever been. All that remains is to get out there and play!

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