2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

How To Hit a Tee Shot


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21 thoughts on “2 Key Tips to drive the golf ball

  1. Why do golfteachers show so much about what not to do?
    If you show ONLY what to do GOOD, then anybody will learn better and faster.
    Its like saying: i go to the right because i do not want to go to the left. As you can see. The last part is what can go. Now please create new ways of teaching, thanks

  2. One of the best instructional video on driving swing I have ever seen with excellent demonstration. I played very well in bitterly cold weather with confidence. Thank you for keeping the instructions simple and easy to comprehend.

  3. Good tips but i would add that you should try tp hold your right wrist angle as you straighten your right arm to ensure you get the maximum release of the club at the bottom of the swing and hence more power but otherwise hes spot on. In other words straighten the right arm quickly on the downswing but dont “cast” the club in the process.

  4. I agree, but I think certain proven fundamentals should always be taught. My golf swing is quite unorthodox, in that I have my right hand thumb at a 90 degree angle on the shaft to my left hand thumb (positioned directly behind the shaft). My teacher used to beat me up over it (metaphorically of course) but I’m pretty happy with my game now and I’ve never changed 🙂

  5. Ya, you’re right. The way he’s showing it, the club is release early and kills club head speed and thus kills distance. There’s a little bend in the right elbow through the swing until empact, for long lag, which then gives the explosion through the ball.

  6. it’s not a “casting,” but the way he’s showing it, it does release the club head slightly early, thus killing club head speead which kills distance.

  7. I think you better watch Ernie Ells swing in slow motion! Ernie finishes his swing the way you say not to! Personally I think Ernies swing is pure and he definitely has the runs on the board!

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