3 Driver Basics – Golf Swing Fundamentals For [LONGER STRAIGHTER SHOTS]

Swing Tips


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This video is about 3 Driver Basics – Golf Swing Fundamentals For [LONGER STRAIGHTER SHOTS] For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out https://ScratchGolfAcademy.com. For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.

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24 thoughts on “3 Driver Basics – Golf Swing Fundamentals For [LONGER STRAIGHTER SHOTS]

  1. adam nice tips, I appreciate that your videos are ‘higher level’ yet still simple and fundamental (I think bad players will stay that way typically because ‘work’ is half of improving). Question, you placed your last driver tee shot very much at the outside of your driver head. You don’t strike me as a guy who needs ‘temporary corrections’ in your swings. So why the outside head? Second, why do pro/strong players tend to hit balls that start out right and end up back at the middle? Why not just hit directly straight? My assumption is these are related.

    1. also, in the video here you show pro’s turning their wrists at the end. I personally find hit more straight when I ‘push’ my driver swing ending, rather than turning my hands like a baseball player. Do you have a video on this?

    2. Max,
      I tend to set up with the ball on the toe without thinking, it’s just an idiosyncrasy, no particular benefit (Bobby Jones did the same, Fuzzy Zoeller way on the heel).
      With today’s equipment I don’t think that top players curve their best drives that much, though video can distort the start point making it look well out to the right.
      The turning of the wrists is pretty involuntary for top players, more of a sign of energy transfer out to the club. I’d go with the feel that helps you most.
      All the best, Adam

  2. Great swing as always Adam, your tempo really helps, you never try to “hit” the ball, and I need to follow your example and swing not hit. I’ve found using my 3 wood in a recent 3 clubs and a putter competition really helped, although I did top 2 drivesbadly near the beginning of the round, where I took a short backswing and then decided to go for length in the “ strike” area of the swing. Not a good idea. On back nine I didn’t miss a fairway and got 21 stableford points losing at least one point due to not having enough club into the green. It’s all about body turn for me to get a pure strike. Cheers Paul

    1. Bob,
      In that takeaway I’m exaggerating it a bit, but these aren’t that different. Find out what works best for you, then go with that.
      All the best, Adam

  3. Make sure not to crush with the driver your brand new rangefinder in a pocket of your golf bag, people)))
    A standard driver head cover in front of the ball suits this first drill better, inho. Definitely safer, anyway))

  4. Adam – any tips for “staying behind the ball” with driver? My lessons for the other clubs in the bag, where you are moving so much over and past to hit down, sometime creep into my driver swing unconsciously.

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