3 Killer Golf Backswing Mistakes Amateur Golfers Make (AND HOW TO FIX THEM!)

If you have problems with slicing the golf ball, chances are you make 1 or more of these golf swing mistakes in your backswing, but luckily we give you some simple golf backswing drills to help you get your golf swing plane back on track!

The backswing in golf is one of the most scrutinized areas in golf, and often is also incorrectly taught. In this video on backswing mistakes, we look at some of the most common problems, including why they may be leading you to slice the golf ball. We also give you some simple golf backswing drills to help cure all 3 backswing mistakes we identify!

There are 3 common backswing mistakes that we see on a regular basis from amateur golfers and weekend warriors:

#1 – open club face at the top of the backswing

#2 – Elbow separation/chicken wing

#3 – Bad turn, arms separate from body

If one (or more) of these fits the bill for you, this golf lesson will help you fix these problems and get you on your way to hitting better shots and enjoying the game more!


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