Avoid These 3 Killer Moves in the Downswing

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Avoid These 3 Killer Moves in the Downswing

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Clay Ballard

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11 thoughts on “Avoid These 3 Killer Moves in the Downswing

  1. Need to see a video about how to prevent the shoulders from outracing the hips on the downswing. My swing has a ton of lag, a massively bowed wrist and relatively shallow plane, but my shoulders always come out in front before the club starts really pulling down leading to the clubhead being well outside the ball and needing to compensate with a more over the top finish. Ergo, massive slice, missed fairways.

  2. Great advice! I’ve really worked hard lately to shallow the club properly and it has greatly improved my swing. But I noticed that I would get solid contact and hit it dead right. So I was missing the closing of the club face at the bottom of the swing. I’m excited to go try this out!

  3. Love the videos. In this video you say don’t pull the club straight down from the top but in a previous video you have a impact bag behind your right leg and you are telling us to chop straight down into it. Can you just clarify.

    1. Great question. When you do the video where you chop down, I want you chopping down behind you. If you chop straight down, you will be way too steep. The impact bag you chop into is 45 degrees behind you, so you would be swinging way to the right. When you add body rotation, you will be square.

      If you chop straight down and add body rotation, you are way over the top. Hope that helps!!

  4. Clay is describing a problem that only two-plane swingers have. If you set your wrists from the start you won’t have to do the drop and set of the wrists later like he does. An early set of the wrists will put you on plane every time….much less complicated.

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