Benefits of Shaping Golf Shots | Fade, Draw, or Straight?

Shaping a golf shot – is it worth it to hit a draw or a fade, or should you just hit it straight? In this video we talk about the benefits of shot shaping, and where you can utilize a draw or fade for your golf game!

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In this week’s video we are talking about shaping golf shots. There are some professional trainers out there who will tell you it’s best to just hit straight, and you will score better overall. Whereas other trainers, and many pros, will tell you the benefits of shaping a golf shot.

In the video, we go over the certain situations where fading or drawing a shot can be beneficial (however it takes practice)! We quickly go over how to fade and draw shots in golf, and explain the difference between a fade and a draw.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on the benefits of shot shaping, and if it’s worth it for your average golfer to even attempt such golf shots.


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