Best Golf Swing Takeaway Drills For Your Driver

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Best Golf Swing Takeaway Drills For Your Driver

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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21 thoughts on “Best Golf Swing Takeaway Drills For Your Driver

  1. Hey Clay, just wondering if you ever hit with another driver like the Taylormade Sim, Calloway Maverick, or the Calloway Epic? I know your a ping guy but just curious if you would hit any of those drivers further. Anyways thanks for the video as when I get off work I will work on these drills. Thanks!

    1. Hey, Clay hasn’t hit those drivers but I can tell you that they won’t go further or shorter. They all go the same distance on center face strikes. It’s about finding the CG that works best for you. The PING is higher MOI than all of those so it may go a little further and straighter on off center strikes. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  2. Hey! I was wondering if you could ever do alignment, specifically the forearms. Ive recently read somewhere tony finau corrected his pull by lining up his forearms. As much as I try leveling my forearms at address i cant seem to do it and if i do my grip suffers.


    1. You likely just need to tilt your spine away from the target. This will allow you to have your shoulders and hips aligned with your feet. If you don’t then your shoulders will likely be open causing the pull like Finau had.

  3. Clay I noticed that in the first section of this video your left heel stays flat on the ground. In the last section of the video (you with a beard) your left heel at times is slightly coming off the ground and your distance and club head speed are increasing. So which one do you suggest? Heel flat or heel lifting off the ground slightly for the best takeaway?

    1. It’s really personal preference but if you want more speed and distance then it may be better to allow the lead heel to come off the ground. This will allow you to free up the hips more and get a bigger shoulder turn which can help you get more speed. We talk about this in our 20 Minute Distance Fix program. f you’re’ looking for more distance then I recommend working through our 20 Minute Distance Fix program. People of all ages and abilities are gaining tons of distance on this program. See what our members are saying about it here: Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

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