20 thoughts on “Best Tips To Strike Your Irons Pure and Compress The Ball

  1. Nice video but were you using range ball? Because a good smash factor with a 7i would be in the 1.40-1.44 range, your best sm was 1.30 which is quite low imo

    1. The average Tour player is around 140, so the bottom group is 135 or so? So your saying the bottom 33% of PGA Tour players don’t swing hard enough??….

  2. Bro this video is AMAZING! Thank you so much! I would love to play 9 or 18 with you! Your tips and “exercises” to practice are freaking GENIUS!!!

  3. I can hit the ball first and compress the ball most of the time with the low and mid irons but I will shank the full gap and sand wedge shot half the time. 🙁

  4. Robin ..excellent job..it finally chick for me..went to the range for an hour..then went and played. Cant tell you the difference from a 7 iron was about 155 yards..now I hit 170 ..and didn’t even feel the roll come off the club..how Can I thank you..wow ..my game has just improve alot..now the only thing is I got to back off a few clubs and refigure my yardage for each club

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