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How To Hit a Tee Shot


I got 122 122 he has 122 I have a 121 and a half. It’s okay. It’s okay. You gave me the word fine. Okay. We just got called. So we’re heading to the first tee and what we’re going to do is we’re going to go over how to handle those first tee jitters right now. One thing you have to have is appreciate routine. If you don’t, you’re dead meat. Watch a leak of developing a good pre-shot routine and put it right up here. Make sure you have that. And the second piece is don’t be the long hitter on the first goal. Your goal was to be the shortest hitter. All right? We have a long part for first hole, but the short hitter, that’s your goal, your two keys, solid pre-shot routine. Be the short hitter. Here we go.

got the fairly good start. Okay, look, that’s how you handled the first tee. Now everything you’re working on in your swing is going to be erased on that first tee cause you’re gonna be nervous, you’re gonna revert back to all your old stuff, which is fine. That’s why you want to try to be the short knocker right here out here with Don dre. But that’s the first soul. That’s it. Just pre shot routine. Be the short knocker. You’re good to go. Alright, hope it helps.

How nervous do you get on the first tee? These tips will help you through that problem.

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11 thoughts on “Best Way to Hit Your First Tee Shot! || Golf Tips

  1. Playing in 30min in Ireland, I normally hit a few balls before but as it’s raining, again, I’ll be walking to the tee box and that’s it. I’m good with the tee shot I more nervous on the 1st iron / wedge shot… Nice advice thanks

  2. Why be the shortest off the tee ? I agree with the warm up and pre shot routine but can’t get my head around a theory of being the shortest off the tee ?

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