Butch Harmon School of Golf: How to hit a tour pro fade

How To Hit a Tee Shot

Hi, Justin Parsons here, director of instruction at the Butch Harmon School of golf and I’m here with Golf Digest Middle East today to talk about the way the Gulf has changed a little bit in regards to the way the best players in the world strike and flight the ball. When I was growing up playing golf, most of the best players Kinda hit it from right to left. There was a lot of [inaudible] action in there in their strike through impact. Some of them were backing a little bit and that was kind of the way we were taught in those days. A lot of the players nowadays are hitting what we’ve referred to for this article as more of like a tour pro fade. That’s a really powerful, very straight shot that might contain just a little bit of fade spin on it. That would be a ball. It’s tilted a little bit to the right or, or moving a little bit left to right to the, to the vision.

So the way that they do that is of course quite complex. There’s lots of things. It’s going to make up a swing like Lee westwards or a swing like Martin climbers to be able to get the club moving out in front of them through the ball. But I’ve picked the top two in my opinion, that can really help you at home to feel some of the sensations to try and get that club wide in front of you and through to the left to help you hit the tour pro fade. So what we see with the best players in the world in their transition, once they get to the top of the backswing, as we see the lower body nice and stable, we see the abdominal muscles almost crunching in order to get that chest black-eyed on top of the lower body and get that club back out in front of them.

Then from there, as they exit through impact, what we see are the hands moving through to the left. The arms and body nicely connected together on the face of the club. Nice and square. So we see the face of the club moving to the left and the ball flying straight. That’s for a right hander. So the two exercises that I really liked to kind of highlight this and to demonstrate it. The first one, we’re gonna put a golf club just across your chest. Let the face of the club exit through your trail shoulder. And from there take a little address position. Make sure you’ve got the club face nice and square to your body. And from there make a back swing and in your transition, right foot, right leg, nice and stable. And let’s bring that club back out in front of you so that you can see there.

The face of the club just starts to point towards the bowl. That’s gonna really presented for what you’re going to have to do next. And what you’re going to have to do next is you’re going to have to get the golf club moving through to the left. And the drill I’ve selected to help you to do that. You take a glove, you put it underneath your right arm, and then you make sure that during your golf swing you’re going to lie that glove to stay in position and get your body moving through to the left. So the fields here will be that the right leg stable on the floor, chests moving through and clubs exiting left. I don’t know though, that’s not a tour pro fade, that some sort of fade that you can start to feel at home and hopefully that can take your ball striking up to the next level.

The last few decades have seen big changes to the way the world’s best golfers strike and flight the ball. Huge advances in technology and the athleticism of the top players has seen many tour pros begin to favour a slight fade off the tee – a tour pro fade is essentially a straight shot that falls to the right (for a right-hander). Justin Parsons, director of instruction at the Butch Harmon School of Golf, shows you how they do it, and what drills you can use to bring that power and consistency to your own swing

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  1. Spin around 37 times, keep this quarter between your big toe, make sure the ice cube in your mouth doesn’t melt before you finish your swing, hold the broom flat side up, don’t let the PlayDoh fall off oh, and then hold off your finish. Voila! Fade. There’s 3 minutes I’ll never get back.

    1. Golf has lots of variables… Out of all the online golf drills I have seen- this is not as complicated as you seem to make it; unless you don’t know golf that is.

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