Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood Review

Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood ReviewLet’s kick off this review by saying that the Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood is not your ordinary golf club. As Callaway’s fastest fairway wood yet, it has been designed with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to enhance your golfing experience. It features an innovative A.I.-designed Jailbreak system for speed and stability, a Tungsten Speed Cartridge for optimal launch and speed, and an A.I. optimized face for speed, launch, and spin.

Design and Quality

When it comes to design and quality, Callaway’s Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood scores a hole-in-one. The club has been redesigned with Jailbreak batwings pushed to the perimeter, offering stiffness while enabling the face to flex for high ball speeds. Moreover, it uses a groundbreaking Tungsten Speed Cartridge for the first time in a fairway wood, incorporating up to 27g of high-density tungsten. This pushes the Center of Gravity (CG) low and forward, resulting in lower spin with more ball speed.

The club also features a unique face pattern optimized for speed, launch, and spin, designed by A.I. and customized for each model and loft in the fairway lineup. In terms of materials, the C300 maraging steel is specially treated for high strength and flexibility, while the Flash Face Cup provides speed and spin consistency across the face.

Key Features and Benefits

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood offers several key features and benefits to improve your golf game. The combination of A.I.-designed Jailbreak technology and Tungsten Speed Cartridge provides a potent mix of speed and stability that you’d be hard-pressed to find in other fairway woods.

The unique face pattern optimized by A.I. enhances speed, launch, and spin, allowing for a more controlled and powerful swing. Plus, the use of high-strength C300 maraging steel and the Flash Face Cup ensures that you’ll get consistent speed and spin across the face of the club. These features combined make for a club that is not only powerful and versatile but also forgiving and user-friendly.

Comparison with Similar Products

Compared to other fairway woods on the market, the Rogue ST Max stands out in terms of speed and stability, thanks to its innovative use of A.I. design and Jailbreak technology. While other clubs might offer high speed or stability, few can match the Rogue ST Max in offering both at the same time. The introduction of the Tungsten Speed Cartridge is also a game-changer, pushing the CG low and forward for lower spin and more ball speed – a feature not commonly found in other fairway woods.

Pros and Cons


  1. Speed and stability thanks to A.I.-designed Jailbreak technology
  2. Optimal launch and speed due to Tungsten Speed Cartridge
  3. High strength and flexibility from the C300 maraging steel
  4. Speed and spin consistency from the Flash Face Cup


  1. The high-tech features might be overwhelming for beginners
  2. The price may be prohibitive for some golfers

Why This Product is Better Than Other Products

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood outshines its competition due to its innovative use of A.I. design and Tungsten Speed Cartridge technology. While other fairway woods might excel in one or two areas, the Rogue ST Max offers a comprehensive package of speed, stability, and performance that is hard to beat. Furthermore, its high-strength and flexible materials make for a durable and reliable club that will last you for many rounds of golf.

User Experience and Testimonials

Users of the Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood have had overwhelmingly positive experiences. Many have praised the club for its speed and stability, with one user stating that they have already seen their score drop by 5 to 8 strokes. Another user has lauded the club for its forgiveness, saying that even their mishits stay straight. Overall, users agree that the Rogue ST Max has improved their game and is a worthy addition to their golf bag.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of your Callaway Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood, make sure to spend some time practicing with it to get used to its unique features and technology. Also, ensure that you’re using the correct flex and configuration for your swing speed and style. Lastly, remember that the club is designed to provide optimal launch and speed, so trust in its technology and let it do the work for you.

FAQ Section

Q: Does this include a cover for the club?
A: Yes, a matching headcover is included.

Q: What’s the difference between stiff shaft vs regular shaft?
A: The only difference between the two is the actual stiffness of the shaft, Regular Flex vs Stiff Flex.

Q: Who should buy the heavier shaft?
A: If you have a faster swing speed, you might benefit more from the heavier shaft.

Q: Is the light shaft equivalent to a senior flex?
A: Yes, Light Flex = Senior Flex


In conclusion, the Callaway Golf 2022 Rogue ST Max Fairway Wood is a highly innovative and top-performing golf club that delivers speed, stability, and performance. Its use of A.I. design and Tungsten Speed Cartridge technology sets it apart from other fairway woods, making it a fantastic choice for golfers looking to take their game to the next level. While it might come with a hefty price tag, the overwhelming positive user experiences and its range of high-tech features make it worth every penny.

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