Can a Neutral Golf Grip Help Your Game?

Sometimes a neutral golf grip can help your game. You were probably looking for a definite answer, but there isn’t one. There is no such thing as the perfect golf grip, but there is the ideal one just for you.

Everyone is different. Body shape, height, strength, and length of arms will be factors in choosing the best grip for playing golf. Learning the most natural way for you to grip the club is the first step to learning how to play golf, and your grip will determine how you make your shots.

Types of Golf Grip

There are three types of golf grips: weak, neutral, and strong. You will naturally feel more comfortable with one of these grips.


When your left grip sits under the golf grip, your right hand is more on top. The V’s should be pointing towards your left shoulder, and you will be able to see half a knuckle on your left hand.

Players that use a weak grip will feel less control of the ball.


This is when your hands are slightly twisted inward. The V’s will be pointing down the centerline of the shaft, and three knuckles on each hand will be visible.

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Players who use a neutral grip tend to have more accuracy in their shots.


A strong grip is when your left hand sits on top of the golf grip, and your right hand is underneath. The more knuckles visible on your left hand, the stronger your grip. The more your left hand is on top, and your right hand is under also indicates how strong your grip is.

A strong grip will result in more powerful swings, and you will maximize the distance you can hit your ball. A stronger grip is usually much more comfortable for most players.

Can a Neutral Golf Grip Help Your Game?

Golfers with medium hip speed can benefit from a neutral golf grip. The grip allows the player to swing with full power and speed. This grip can sometimes be challenging to master because it feels unnatural to many.

Advanced golfers will often take advantage of the neutral golf grip to help them shape their shots. Shaping a shot is telling the ball where to go. Experienced golfers can make their balls curve in the air, go high, or go low. Golfers shape the ball to avoid hazards on the course.

Visualizing the shot helps experienced golfers make the most challenging shot. You will often see a player staring at their target as they envision and determine how they shape their shot.

Who Should Use a Neutral Grip?

Juniors and beginners to golf should start with a neutral grip until they learn the basics of their swing. Once they are more familiar with their abilities, they can change or stay with the exact grip.

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The neutral grip is ideal for golfers who hit the ball straight. It is also suitable for golfers that like to play both shot shapes on the golf course.

Experienced golfers can take advantage of the neutral grip to focus on shaping their shots. It is also great for golfers that don’t lose their shots in a specific direction.

Advantages of a Neutral Grip

For many, the neutral grip is natural when holding a golf club. You can hit the ball straight and directly at your target using a neutral grip. Golfers may also find that they can shoot much farther with a neutral grip.

A neutral grip allows for much better accuracy, and it is the best grip for the involvement of your hands and your body muscles in your swing.

Disadvantages of a Neutral Grip

There are no glaring disadvantages to this golf grip other than many players find the grip uncomfortable, and this discomfort tends to go away with time and practice.

Should You Use Different Grips for Different Clubs?

Should you use different grips for different clubs? Yes. Each club is unique, and the way you swing will vary. Using a specific grip for each club makes sense.


For drivers, It would be best to use a strong grip to avoid slicing the ball. 


For woods, you can use a strong to neutral grip.


For hybrids, a neutral grip is recommended.


For irons, a neutral grip is recommended.


For wedges, a weaker grip is recommended.

Professional Golfers That Use a Neutral Grip

Most players on the PGA Tour use a neutral grip or some form of a neutral grip. The neutral grip allows these pros to place the balls precisely where they want them to go. Some of the most famous golfers who use the neutral grip are:

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Jack Nicklaus was famous for his neutral grip and used it for his entire career, and he celebrated 73 wins on the PGA Tour.

Tiger Woods began his career with a strong grip but changed to a neutral grip a few years ago. His choice in grips has served him well because he has 82 PGA Tour wins.

Adam Scott has used a neutral grip for his entire career, and he has successfully captured 14 wins on the PGA Tour.

Choosing the Right Grip for You

Everyone is unique, and their golf swing and grip should be as well. Beginners should learn the neutral grip and go from there. Once they know more, they can experiment with other grips and see which grips work best with their strength and swing.

A neutral golf grip may help you improve your accuracy or help you shape your shots. A neutral grip may cause a beginning golfer to slice more often if you are not quite at this level. This is because the hands are more relaxed, and there is less control than other grips.

It would be best to introduce a neutral grip into your golf game gradually. Significant changes in your grip can affect your entire game. Trying a neutral grip will allow you to modify your swing to incorporate your new choice.

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