Create Effortless Power in the Golf Swing With These Moves

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Create Effortless Power in the Golf Swing With These Moves

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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13 thoughts on “Create Effortless Power in the Golf Swing With These Moves

    1. Release is when you have let go of all the angles. The club would be bisecting the arms after impact. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  1. I’d love to see your take on Stack & Tilt. I think it is basically fundamentals, but with less moving parts, and still there are a lot of similarities to the elements of the Top Speed Golf system: stable fluid spine (the tilt), the power turn, compression line (the stack), straight line release (extend). Thoughts?

    1. Hi Mike, I honestly don’t know enough about it to have an opinion. It’s my understanding that you keep your weight forward throughout the swing. This is fine but it’s not the most powerful way to swing the club. Imagine if an MLB pitcher didn’t push off the rubber and just threw from their front foot. It wouldn’t have much speed to it. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  2. ive pretty much been watching too many youtube videos and my swing has gotten worse lol. You are gonna be my only source for content from now on. Ill be out at the range working on the swing later today, thanks for the great easy to follow instructions

  3. Just a question, I just watched some “How to strike your irons pure” videos and wondered how much the left hand should rotate. Like you said with the forth shaft leaning and how the club will aim out to the right and how to compensate that. Do I go after feeling? I hit my shots all over the place yesterday. Thank you, a fellow fan.

    Nevermind I commented before i watched the whole video, the Tennis racket drill will do the trick!

  4. Clay, usually I have a long winded question and you always answer. But today just wanted to tell you and your team I appreciate all the videos and really appreciate the feedback and time you guys take. Thanks

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