ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Review

Step up your game with the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe, a perfect blend of style, durability, and performance. This shoe builds on the success of its predecessor, the Biom Hybrid 3, featuring a cutting-edge outsole and premium ECCO leather with micro-perforated embossing. With GORE-TEX waterproof technology, your feet will stay dry no matter the weather. The ECCO MTN GRIP outsole, combined with FLUIDFORM™ Technology and TPU inserts, ensures superior stability and comfort on the green. Its sleek, understated design makes it ideal for both on and off the course. Have you been searching for the perfect golf shoe that combines style, performance, and durability?

ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe

Discover more about the ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe.

Introducing the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe

You’re in for a treat with the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe. Drawing on the success of the BIOM Hybrid 3 group, ECCO has taken things up a notch to bring you an updated, state-of-the-art golf shoe. Let’s break down what sets this shoe apart and why it could just be the ultimate addition to your golfing wardrobe.

Innovative Design and Materials

The design and materials used in the ECCO Biom Hybrid 4 set it apart from the competition. This golf shoe is made from durable ECCO leather featuring a slick, micro-perforated embossing that not only looks phenomenal but also adds to the overall durability.

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GORE-TEX Waterproof Technology

Do you often find yourself playing golf in less-than-ideal weather conditions? With GORE-TEX waterproof technology, you can rest easy knowing that your feet will stay dry. Rain or dew on the grass won’t be a problem anymore.


One of the most impressive features in this shoe is the ECCO MTN GRIP outsole. Paired with ECCO’s signature FLUIDFORM™ Technology, this outsole enhances traction and stability, crucial for those powerful golf swings and tricky shots.


Durability is a cornerstone feature of any good golf shoe. ECCO doesn’t skimp on this front—these shoes are as tough as they are good-looking. With premium ECCO leather, you can expect them to withstand the rigors of regular golf games without showing signs of wear and tear.

Comfort and Stability

What good is a golf shoe if it isn’t comfortable? The ECCO Biom Hybrid 4 shines in this department too. A smart-looking PU midsole with TPU inserts on either side securely hugs your foot, providing extra stability. Whether you’re walking the course or standing in one spot for a long putt, these shoes ensure optimum comfort.

FLUIDFORM™ Technology

Have you ever felt your feet aching after a long day on the golf course? That’s less likely to happen with the FLUIDFORM™ Technology in ECCO Biom Hybrid 4, which offers anatomical support by mirroring the natural curves of your foot.

Style and Versatility

Lastly, let’s talk about style. These shoes feature an elevated appearance and an understated design that ensures you look sharp both on and off the green. They’re versatile enough to transition from the golf course to the clubhouse effortlessly.

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Product Specifications Table

For easier understanding, here’s a quick table breaking down the key specifications:

MaterialDurable ECCO Leather with Micro-Perforated Embossing
Waterproof TechnologyGORE-TEX
OutsoleECCO MTN GRIP with FLUIDFORM™ Technology
MidsolePU Midsole with TPU Inserts
DesignElevated appearance, understated design
StabilityAdded stability from TPU inserts
ComfortAnatomical support, comfortable for all-day wear

Learn more about the ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe here.

In-Depth Review: Real-World Usage

First Impressions

When you first unbox the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe, you’ll notice the craftsmanship immediately. The leather feels high-quality, and the micro-perforations add a touch of elegance. The shoes are lightweight but still feel robust, hinting at their durability.

Performance on the Course

From the very first step on the golf course, you’ll appreciate the comfort and stability these shoes provide. The ECCO MTN GRIP outsole really comes into play here, offering excellent traction. Even on slippery, wet grass, your footing remains trustworthy. The waterproof GORE-TEX technology holds up well, keeping your feet dry throughout the game.

Longevity Test

If you’re someone who golfs frequently, you’ll want a shoe that stands the test of time. After several months of regular use, these shoes show minimal signs of wear. The premium leather holds up beautifully, and the outsole continues to provide reliable grip and stability.

Off the Course

These shoes aren’t just confined to the golf course. Their versatile design means you can wear them off the course too. Pair them with jeans or casual slacks for a polished, yet relaxed look. You’ll find yourself reaching for these shoes even when you’re not heading out for a round of golf.

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Customer Feedback

So, what are others saying about the ECCO Biom Hybrid 4? Below are some common themes found in customer reviews:

  • Comfort: Many customers rave about the all-day comfort these shoes provide.
  • Waterproofing: The GORE-TEX technology receives high praise for keeping feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Durability: Users report that even after months of use, the shoes still look and perform like new.
  • Style: The sophisticated design is a hit, with many appreciating its on-and-off-course versatility.

Pros and Cons

In an effort to give you a balanced perspective, let’s weigh the pros and cons of this golf shoe.


  • Exceptional comfort due to FLUIDFORM™ Technology
  • Outstanding waterproof performance with GORE-TEX technology
  • Durable ECCO leather that withstands regular use
  • Stylish design suitable for both the golf course and casual outings
  • Excellent traction and stability with ECCO MTN GRIP outsole


  • Price: These shoes are on the higher end of the price spectrum.
  • Limited Color Options: Some customers wish for more color variety.

ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe


The ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe is a top-tier choice for any avid golfer. Combining cutting-edge technology, high-quality materials, and versatile style, these shoes truly deliver on all fronts. Whether you’re dealing with wet conditions or simply want a shoe that provides exceptional comfort and durability, the Biom Hybrid 4 is a solid investment.

Final Verdict

Are you ready to elevate your golf game while looking effortlessly stylish? If you’re willing to invest in quality, the ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe is an excellent choice. With this shoe, you’re not just buying a golf shoe; you’re making a long-term investment in comfort, performance, and style. Happy golfing!

Learn more about the ECCO Mens Biom Hybrid 4 Gore-tex Waterproof Golf Shoe here.

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