Every Golfer Needs To Know This About The Golf Swing

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Every Golfer Needs To Know This About The Golf Swing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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20 thoughts on “Every Golfer Needs To Know This About The Golf Swing

    1. Mate I know what ur saying but you’ll get there!

      If U combine this video I will link with what Clay is saying it might help…I certainly found it very helpful as it gives a really good way of taking the feeling of that shape into your actual shots:


      Another technique (or feeling) that I find helps to achieve it, is to think of covering the ball with your right hand if that makes sense. (i.e that your right palm is pointing downwards at the ball at impact) This will give you forward shaft lean.

      You will find that as you start to do this (whilst still swinging the way you are used to) that the club face will now be open at impact.

      The next step is then to clear your left side (by pulling backwards with the left hip) until the club face is square. Then – boom before U know it U will find yourself in the position that we all see in the video slow motions.

      Take some videos and use the next video I link to make some comparisons:

      (This is one of Clays best ever!)

      Practice, practise and it will start to feel normal. I remember being so scared I could never learn to read. Then one word at a time you start to get it and then by the time U know how to do it, it becomes second nature and is impossible to ‘unlearn’.

      Good luck bro!

  1. As usual – a ridiculously good video! Best coach out there by so far. You must have helped sooo many people to improve and enjoy the game more. Thanks for all your effort.

  2. Hi Clay, thx for all the great content you put out!! as a beginner golfer, should I start with half swings, be sure to ace them first and then progress slowly to 3/4 and full? Or should I practice full swings from the get go? Cheers!

  3. I tried it and can see more shaft lean at impact, but ball flight is hard left or push hook. How do you draw the ball this way? Seems like club face is completely shut at impact.

  4. 4:54 “I promise you you can’t overdo this.” Dude, you haven’t seen me go at it yet. When I started topspeedgolf, I was fighting a slice for years. Now I sometimes can’t hit a fade and hook about 1 of every 4.

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