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Exercises to Improve Your Golf Swing

Swing Tips

Golf is a game that involves physical skill as well as mental ability. Keeping your body in proper shape can give you a physical edge over your playing partners.

Swinging from a solid, stable base allows you to generate more club head speed to achieve greater distance on your shots.

Here are some exercises that you can do at home to help stay in shape so that your golf game is less physically taxing on your body.

Improve your Golf Swing with Flexibility; Golf Stretching Exercises


You can improve your flexibility and stability with some simple exercises that can be performed at home or at work.

Improving your stance is easy when your body is in better shape. With an improved stance comes better club control and more power from your hips and torso.

Fitness Blender’s Golf Exercises

Three Exercises Good For Your Body And Your Golf Game

Strengthening your core muscles will help improve your golf swing. Using the proper exercises can help you generate more power during the swing as well as improve your balance and stability giving you better club head control.

Golf Digest’s 3 Exercises for Your Golf Game

6 must-have exercises in any golf fitness program

Building a good foundation allows the golfer to maximize balance and power in their swing. Following a well balanced workout plan can ensure that you achieve your goals.

Here are 6 basic exercises that you can do to improve your golf physical fitness.

GolfWrx Golf Exercises

Golf Exercises for Farther Distance

Strength and flexibility are required to achieve maximum distance with your golf swing. The more club head speed that you generate, the farther your ball will travel. You also need to maintain proper balance in order to control the club head thru impact.

Coachup’s Golf Exercises

As you have seen, golf is a game that requires a player to be physically and mentally fit in order to succeed. By following a simple exercise routine you can improve your golf swing and lower your score.

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