Golf Clash “Golden tee shot” Nov 30th.

How To Hit a Tee Shot


After wasting over $10 I figured out the best way to attack this HORRIBLE HOLE. If it helps you great. I watch the new wind level 3 video just released by Tommy and wow….. On my guest account I bought 6 balls but only need 5 and hit it on the nose Everytime. Remember if you miss "perfect" your screwed!

2 thoughts on “Golf Clash “Golden tee shot” Nov 30th.

  1. Good Shot man. Kind of a lame coincidence, but 2 different times I had it lined up perfectly and with a perfect shot, (imo looked real close to a hole in 1 on Golden Shot) and I get a “disconnected for unstable internet connection.” It’s the same connection I’ve played my other 823 games on and have only seen that pop up twice… Perfect Golden Shots. I’m sure it’s just me being sour, but wondered if you’ve ever run into that?

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