Golf Driver Drills – How To Hit Your Driver Longer [MUST SEE!]

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40 thoughts on “Golf Driver Drills – How To Hit Your Driver Longer [MUST SEE!]

  1. Great video as always Adam!!! Your SGA lessons have helped me tremendously!!! I managed to get an evening round in this week at a shorter Par 68 course…managed to score a 70!!! Not perfect with some misfires, but managed my game well in my opinion. Thanks again!!! Best Regards.

  2. Great tip as always Adam. My challenge is to find the rythm without excessive flip of the wrist in the release. Maybe i should consider a driver with a heavier shaft/higher swingweight?

    1. Magnus,
      Hard to say without seeing you swing. A little heavier might help, but (honestly) likely won’t make a lot of difference. Best of luck with it just the same.
      Thanks, Adam

  3. Fun is the key word till you get in the Tall timber 4 holes straight, then its ^&%$#(), thanks for the great videos. I’m trying to play again after years of not playing.

  4. Adam, it seems that your “side bend” in the downswing contributes to that club path going “up” and the hand position you talked about. Am I correct?

    1. @Scratch Golf Academy it’s a hard thing to prove for sure. I wish I could share it. No one believes it or understands it. My drives are my most reliable shot. Like shooting free throws. Keep posting.

  5. Made up my mind a couple years ago after a year of trying to play!! Decided to follow one instructor !! Thankfully it was you. You explain so well and complete it with try it and experiment for yourself Most important Have Fun.!1 Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Eric, saw this video again after a few months. First time round did not pay attention to it. This time = this morning = I studied it and went out to the range immediately to try it out. It really works out quite well for me! Thank you!!! Question: what about the right upper arm?

    1. Max,
      Thanks. Regards the upper right arm, see if you can feel the other things in the video, then see how the right arm feels to you.
      Hope this helps.
      Best, Adam

  7. As always great stuff. I have subscribed to you channel and signed for some of your courses and it has been great help. Thanks… One thing I am not clear entirely….Is “Knuckles down at impact” the same as “forearm rotation” that you consider “manipulative golf” and discourage? What am I missing?

    1. Thanks Ramin.
      I’d say there is some correlation between the two, but what I’m referring to is what I believe is called palmarflexion. This is where your palm bends toward the underside of your forearm.
      Hope this helps.
      All the best, Adam

    1. Donald,
      I think there is some trial and error here, regards the feel you need. Ultimately the ball is the judge (assuming solid contact, no wind), if it’s going pretty straight you are timing it correctly. That said, most slicers need to start this feel a good bit earlier in their downswing.
      best, Adam

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