GOLF: How To STOP Duffing Around The Greens [STOP THIS NOW!!]

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This video is about how to stop duffing around the greens in Golf. Learn how to make solid contact with all your chip shots around the green. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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31 thoughts on “GOLF: How To STOP Duffing Around The Greens [STOP THIS NOW!!]

  1. These videos have been so helpful in shaking off the dust and relearning the game this year! Thanks to Adam B. & the team that putt these videos on YouTube.

  2. I’ve had a few lessons over the years, one that still confuses me is ball position. One coach said a static position another coach said move the ball in relation to the club. Which is right

  3. How about chipping into the grain? If my practice swings get stuck in the turf due to the grain, I generally reach for my putter. There has to be a better way. Thanks for all your content.

    1. Thanks. Yes, chipping against the grain is difficult, and when you can, using a less lofted club is best, Getting the heel of the club up off the ground a bit at address can help too.
      Best, Adam

    2. @Scratch Golf Academy Thanks Adam for the quick reply and for the tip. I live in Estero and I believe you are right down the road. Hope to run into you one day to personally thank-you for all of the excellent free content. I love your videos.

  4. This is a hard thing to practice because on the range you can hit 20 chip shots and sort of get in a groove. But on the course you only get to hit one.

  5. Adam, this might be one of your best videos even with the brevity. The detailed, simplified explanation really hit home. The 4ft board reference really brought home the visual. Don’t come close to hitting…

    I’ve mentally gone over setup, ball position, & brevity of swing for these delicate type shots countless times. Your breakdown sums up everything I’ve mentally imaged.

    As usual great breakdown of this shot….keep’em coming – JMR

  6. After many years of bad chipping and pitching I’ve finally come up with an idiot proof method that works for me. I set up the same as in your video and make the same kind of shallow impact. My sternal notch is always left of the ball at setup. If I make a connected backswing powered by the trailside armpit and power the downswing with a turn of my sternum through the ball it’s dead easy to make shallow and consistent contact with the ball every time. Once you have good contact it’s easy to pitch/chip with anything from a gap wedge to a 6 iron. You can use your athletic ability to vary the speed and amplitude of the swing and think about holing the odd shot and having a lot of tap-ins. This new method has been saving me about 6 strokes per round.

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