Golf: How To Take a Divot in Front of the Ball [DO THIS!]

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32 thoughts on “Golf: How To Take a Divot in Front of the Ball [DO THIS!]

    1. Geez Greg, that’s unbelievable! How about the Bears Monday night game… I tried to text you the other day, but the number I have must not be correct?
      All the best, Adam

  1. Looks simple but it’s more complicated then shown. I find my divots are a bit deeper but not so that they are called carpet remnants. 😉 😉 Something to practice away from the course.My flexibility is not as good as it was at 50 years old ( now 75) Thanks

    1. Michael,
      Generally a sweeping action. The pros hit it very hard, with lots of shaft lean, but even they sweep it somewhat.
      All the best, Adam

  2. Just finished watching your video on divots after the ball strike, where you indicate that your belt and gluts rise through the strike. When I try that, I hit shanks a great deal of the time. How do I avoid that>

    1. Richard,
      Hard to say without seeing you swing. My guess is that you are thrusting your hips toward the ball (early extension). Hope this helps.
      Best, Adam

  3. Thank you. New golfer here – 25 handicap. I have been told countless times to keep my head down and I hit fat shots. Only lately have I come to understand that might not be quite the right advice, as you state in your video so clearly.

  4. Hey Adam … thx for ALL ur content on here …. really an amazing teacher 😉 I’m a low hcp player assisting lots of people on their game … and u can see many golfers “push” their shoulders in front of their body instead of clutching it tight to the side of their breast/chest… this forward push gets the arms too lose and therefor that lead shoulder much lower at impact and shaft squared up instead of slightly forward at impact. Wouldn’t u say that keeping that lead arm within ur chest/tight to the side of it at setup is important for that perfect impact position … it also makes the first move more towards natural turn instead of push/pull arm move…. or what?! Take care peeps….

  5. Hi Adam, thanks for this video and if I may offer my observation. The drill you mentioned about putting pressure forward of the ball by throwing the alignment stick, I feel I flip my hands and wrist too much which lead to inconsistent contact. Maybe I am doing the drill wrong? But your earlier concepts of sweeping the broom and forward leaning the shaft worked better for me. Cheers

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