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Golf Lessons: How to Stop Topping Fairway Woods

In this tip, I try to explain how to stop topping fairway woods. Everyone has come across this problem before, a topped or thin fairway wood. Its an easy fix if you just know the cause of the shot. In all of my golf tips, I show the cause and the way to fix it. Topping fairway woods is a very common bad shot for many players. Once you figure out how to implement this into your own game, the results will help your score.

By knowing the cause of a topped fairway wood, this will in turn help you get the cure of the topping fairway wood. When do you use a fairway wood, usually when there is a large distance to hit; after a poor tee shot, trying to reach a par 5 in 2, etc.. You are usually trying to hit the ball too hard. This in turn makes you tense up your arms and bulcke you arms. The result is the top.

The cure for this is to relax and let your arms stretch out. You have to let the club get into the gap between the ball and the ground. By relazing and not trying to hit the ball so hard, this will let your arms stretch out and make better contact with the ball. This in turn will allow you to hit better shots. Hitting with a 3 wood is a tough shot to many players.

Now you have figured out that the bad shots with your fairway woods is because you are trying to hit them too hard, you will then be able to hit them better from now on. Usually with bad shots you have to ask yourself why do i top my 3 wood. Relaxing with these shots and others will help your game get to the next level.

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25 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – Stop Topping Fairway Woods

  1. I have struggled with topped shots soooo much! I watched this video the night before going out to play and it REALLY helped me. I had noticed that I bring my arms in at impact but didn’t really know why or how to fix that. Now my swing thought is simply to make sure my grip/hands slightly lead ahead of the club face (or at least it feels that way) and that I reach out for the ball instead of cringe away from it. That automatically helps me shift my weight and extend my arms out after impact too. And then I stand in amazement as my ball goes sailing in the air down the fairway. I have found Paul Wilson’s golf tips to be very helpful in general and I like his teaching style. Keep it up!

  2. Great lesson. I haven’t used my 3 fairway woods in months, It is the most unreliable tool in my bag, but after watching this video I’ve got some confidence again.
    Thank you Paul!

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