IRON vs DRIVER – How to set-up for success!

How you set-up to the ball before you swing will determine many different things about what is “likely” to happen to the ball.

BALL POSITION, SHAFT LEAN, SHAFT HEIGHT, BODY AND CLUB FACE AIM, club face aim, FEET POSITION, DISTANCE FROM THE BALL, WEIGHT LOCATION and GRIP are just a few of the possible variables that will affect the outcome and make you more or less likely to hit a functional shot.

In this video, I address the set-up position with an IRON and a DRIVER and how they have some parts that are very similar, and other pieces that should absolutely be different. There is a fundamental difference in the way we hit and IRON vs the DRIVER, most notably the fact that the ball is on the ground for an IRON (meaning you need to have a downward angle of attack) and the DRIVER has the ball placed on a tee (allowing you to have a level or upward attack angle) requiring a different set-up and swing.

Understanding and implementing these differences will help you build a more functional set-up position with the different clubs, and make you more likely to strike the ball solidly more often.

What adjustments do you make in your set-up for the different clubs? Post your answers in the comments section. Want to see a video on the differences between the IRON and DRIVER swing? Let me know in the comments and I’ll film the video next week!

FOOT FLARE video –
GRIP video –

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