GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid Review



GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid & Kit Proven by Golfer Scottie Scheffler Review

The Product’s Purpose and Key Features

Hello everyone! Today, I want to share with you my GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid review. This all-in-one kit is designed to improve your golf swing posture and strength flexibility and it aims to provide everything a golfer might need to reach their performance goals.

Developed by leading golf fitness experts, this training aid emphasizes a natural and safer approach to the golf swing. From enhancing flexibility and mobility to refining your core form, this kit offers a systematic approach to achieving your golfing goals. Plus, it comes with a 30-day access to 500+ step-by-step instructional training programs, perfect for golfers of all skill levels.

Design and Quality

The quality of this GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid & Kit is truly top-notch. It comprises a variety of tools, including a 44.5-inch training bar, durable light and medium resistance latex training cords, a universal nylon door anchor, optimized weighted warmup club, and quick-interchange weighted balls. Each component is well-constructed, sturdy, and made to last.

The design is also very impressive. The components are easy to assemble and use, whether at home, in the gym, or on the golf course. The kit’s versatility speaks volumes about its design – it effectively combines fitness and golf, enabling you to build strength and clubhead speed safely.

An In-Depth Analysis of the Product’s Features and Functionality

Let’s dive deeper into the functionality of this kit. Its components are specially designed to improve the three keys to gaining distance and consistency in golf: mobility, balance, and speed.

The training bar, with its attachment points for the training cord or weighted balls, offers a range of exercises that can help enhance your flexibility, while the resistance cords add a strength training component. The nylon door anchor and polymer carabiners provide the needed versatility to set up your training station anywhere.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the weighted warmup club and quick-interchange weighted balls means you can simulate the dynamic feel of your driver, allowing you to safely practice and improve your swing technique.

Comparison with Similar Products

While there are numerous golf training aids on the market, the GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid & Kit sets itself apart with its comprehensive approach. Many competing products focus on just one aspect of golf fitness, whether that’s swing mechanics, strength training, or flexibility. However, GolfForever combines all these aspects into one package.

Moreover, the added bonus of 30-day access to the GolfForever Training Program is an edge not commonly seen with other golf training aids. This digital platform provides personalized workouts, allowing you to make the most of your kit.

Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one kit that improves flexibility, balance, and speed
  • High-quality, durable components
  • Includes 30-day access to the GolfForever Training Program
  • Suitable for golfers of all skill levels


  • Some users might find the training program subscription to be costly after the free 30-day trial
  • While the kit is designed to be used anywhere, some exercises require a sturdy anchor point, which may not be available everywhere
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Why This Product is Better Than Others

What makes the GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid & Kit stand out is its comprehensive approach. It doesn’t focus on just one area of golf fitness, but addresses flexibility, mobility, and speed – the trifecta for a better golf game. Additionally, the quality of the equipment and the online training program outclasses what most competitors offer, giving you a complete golf fitness solution in one package.

User Experiences and Testimonials

Real users are raving about this kit. One user praised the product, stating that “Golf Forever equipment is truly exceptional for anyone who is committed to improving their golf game”. They praised its quality, durability, and ease of use, noting that with consistent use, they’ve seen noticeable improvements in their swing and overall game.

Another user found the GolfForever system to be as advertised, appreciating the comprehensive, golf-centric workouts provided by the app. However, they did mention a minor issue with streaming the workout videos to TV.

Tips and Tricks

To get the most out of this product, I recommend using it consistently and following the training program closely. While the equipment itself is excellent, the additional exercises and routines provided by the GolfForever Training Program can truly help you maximize the potential of this kit. Don’t forget to properly anchor the equipment for safety and ensure to warm up properly before starting the exercises.

FAQ Section

Q: Is the product effective without the $25/month subscription?

A: While you can certainly use the equipment without the subscription, to gain the greatest benefit, the GolfForever subscription is recommended. It personalizes workouts for you, effectively helping you make significant gains in your mobility, balance, and speed.

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Q: Does this set include the two training handles as mentioned on the GolfForever website?

A: Yes, the kit includes two handles that can be attached to the bungee cord for a variety of exercises.

Q: How is this anchored to a fixed point?

A: You can either use the included door anchor or wrap the tubing around a heavy vertical support structure and clip it back to itself. The tension you create with the swing trainer will hold it in place.

Q: Does this product require a $200 per year subscription on top of the $200 item?

A: The subscription is optional and can be canceled within the first 30 days. However, note that there are no directions included for how to use the devices without the app.


In summary, the GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid & Kit offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to improve their golf game. Its combination of quality equipment and an extensive training program sets it apart from other products on the market. While the subscription service might be an extra cost, the value it provides in personalized workouts is hard to deny.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who’s serious about improving their golf skills. It’s well-suited for all golfers, regardless of skill level, so whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, this kit is a worthwhile investment for your golf training regime.


GolfForever Swing Trainer Aid Review

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