How To Hit a Tee Shot


Golf's best driversMark Crossfield's longest tees shot history. Mark Crossfield hits golfs best drivers and takes you through his golf driver history. From Taylomade golf to Callaway and now to the modern day XXIO X driver. See what difference there is in the drivers over the years and if if we are actually hitting drives further. This is Marks driver history for nearly the start of his golf game to now and in this golf video you can really see how the golf driver has developed and changed and how companies like Callaway golf, Taylormade Golf have tried to find longer drives and longer drivers to help you hit the golf ball further.

In the comments below let us know your golf driver history and what was your favourite golf driver of all time.

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    1. Christian Stelzl it’s a joke that he only has 300k subs considering some of the other trash that’s out there with many more subscribers than crossfield. People just don’t want to hear the truth it seems.

    2. Fergus Reeve, Real Estate. Absolutely! I wrote it several times in the comments! I don’t get it at all. The content is great, fun to watch, a lots of information and personal I like Mark and coach! As I like dan and #7 man too 🙂

      Hopefully more people see the great channel in the future and the muppets earn what they really deserve from the hard work they put into it.

      Keep it up muppets!

    1. Started playing with my grandpa’s old clubs which were persimmons. My first set in the late 90s (hand me downs from a friend of my mom) had a super small head driver (230cc?) with a “long” graphite shaft. Super whippy but I could banana slice it for a mile! Loved that little thing and shied away from big head drivers until about 6 years ago…

    2. Went from Maxfli Persimmon…beautiful craftsmanship to GBB …..and it was like night and day!!
      However when you hit persimmon out the screws boy you knew you’d hit a good one!!⛳⛳

  1. Played with a hand me down persimmon driver my first year then my parents got me my first real driver for Christmas a King Cobra titanium circa 96 or 97. I was a big Tiger fan and my Dad heard that was the driver he was actually playing at the time and that’s why they got it for me.

    I loved it, used it for a few years before I started working and could buy my own equipment.

  2. Love these retrospective vids .Brilliant fun .
    My Drivers
    Wilson Staff Persimmon
    Ping Eye 2
    Wilson 1200 Metal
    Maxfli Colossus
    Callaway GBB
    GBB Hawkeye
    Titleist 975d
    Blah , blah , blah.

  3. Started with mizuno hot metals, loved them, then on to callaway GBB, if my memory serves me right, callaway launched a ball to match their drivers, bought some in USA.

  4. I remember when the Taylormade Burner drivers first came out. My friend and I bought them…
    We were playing the Old Course, St Andrews, due to tee off in 10 minutes… Our “posh” pal from London joined us… He took one look at our drivers and ran up to Auchterlonie’s golf shop.

    He bought one, came running back on to the tee, took a whack at the ball and — sky-sliced it magnificently! The ball landed on the adjacent practice putting green and there was a huge scuff on the top of his driver!

    Happy days!

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