Have Trouble Hitting Irons From the Fairway, But Not the Tee Box?

How To Hit a Tee Shot

Stephen asks Maria Palozola, of http://www.mygolfinstructor.com, if she has any suggestions for him as he struggles with fat and thin iron shots form the fairway.

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Maria is joined by Dennis Biedenstein, PGA Director of Instruction at Pevely Farms Golf Club. Dennis explains that this is a very common problem and that most likely Stephen is moving away from the target rather than towards it.

Dennis suggests that Stephen needs to hit the little ball before the big ball and make sure his chest moves past the ball and through the ball as he hits his shot, ensuring a forward leaning shaft. Dennis also shows Stephen a drill where he places his back elbow on his back hip, and from that position, you are forced to turn through the ball in order to make contact, ensuring you are moving forward and through on the shot.

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17 thoughts on “Have Trouble Hitting Irons From the Fairway, But Not the Tee Box?

    1. I tee iron shots just barely above the turf and can do pretty well. From the deck is a different story. I tend to hit fat shots with irons from the fairway

  1. How about the head, I heard comments about keeping the head behind the ball and he actually moves his head in front of the ball before he strikes the ball?

    1. Well, this is the “new” school or “covering the ball”. I tried to work with it for a while but went back to my more rotational swing. In fact, this ” everything left of the ball” theory was a disaster with my irons. I keep my hands ahead and shift my weight to the left in the downswing transition, but my head is definitely BEHIND the ball on contact. For me its the old method of getting the hips turned, and a smooth weight shift and release. I lost ALL of my power and distance when too far left in the shot. Think about it. All this new system does is deloft the club. It sure isn’t creating great ball strikers like we had in years past, IMO.

    2. @SOS89140
      Hi there.  Thanks for watching and thanks for the comment.  I’m not so sure Dennis is saying do not rotate in the swing.  All good ball strikers do in fact move their weight to their front foot in the downswing.  I believe what Dennis is saying is pure physics and why we call golf a game of opposites.  When you are more on top of the ball and in a position to swing down, the angle of attack, coupled with the loft makes the ball shoot back up.  When you don’t move forward and you hang back, you swing up and when you swing up too soon you catch the ball thin or top it.  We see this all too often with players trying to swing too hard  and trying to help the ball up into the air.  I’m thinking you probably did get yourself way too far out in front of the ball to catch up.  I’m glad you found what works for you as that is always the most important thing.  All golfers don’t fit into one mold. 

    3. +SOS89140 hello and thanks for the video. I checked the moment of impact in your swing and I see that the centre of your chest never passes the ball before impact as well as your head. Should I keep my chest behind or after the ball just before impact? Thank you in advance!

    1. @Sean Gu Hi Shawn.  Dennis did answer the question by saying that they are probably trying to hit the ball too hard and backing up.  When you back up during the swing (it’s o.k. to hang back when it’s teed up with a driver because you are trying to catch it on the upswing, but this isn’t the case with fairway shots) you swing up to fast and with either bottom out before the ball or catch the ball thin and on the upswing.  Therefore when the ball is on the ground it is important to move through the ball properly so that you can hit down on it, catch it clean and get it to pop back up in the air. 

  2. Thanks for the tips. I can hit any irons all day at the range. It’s just something about the links where I feel like I need to baseball swing every iron shot and usually end up striking out. I’m assuming this tip goes for fairway hybrids as well?

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