Hit It Straight Every Time by Doing THIS!

Are you tired of slicing or hooking your shots every time you hit the golf course? As a golf enthusiast, you know that consistently hitting the ball straight can make or break your game. Fortunately, there’s a simple yet effective way to improve your accuracy and precision. In this blog post, we will reveal the secret technique that will help you hit it straight every time. Get ready to improve your golf swing and make your shots more successful!


Golf is a game of accuracy, and every golfer wants to hit the ball straight and consistently. Unfortunately, many golfers struggle with their swing and end up slicing or hooking the ball, causing them to lose valuable yards and accuracy. However, there are ways to square the clubface and hit the ball straight every time, with the right equipment, tips, and strategies. In this article, we’ll explore the top ways to consistently square the clubface, with tips, recommended equipment, and golf strategies.

Top 3 ways to consistently square the clubface demonstrated in a video tutorial:

  1. Get the Right Equipment: Having the right equipment can make all the difference in your golf game, and the POWER COIL PRO and RYP RADAR systems are great options for improving your performance. The POWER COIL PRO is a resistance training device designed to build power and speed in your swing, while the RYP RADAR tracks your swing speed, spin rates, and launch angle, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and make adjustments accordingly.

  2. Use Your Body For Swing Power: One of the most effective ways to improve your swing and consistently square the clubface is to draw on the power of your body. By using your hips and shoulders to create torque and rotation, you can generate more power in your swing and hit the ball straighter. Make sure to rotate your body through the ball, keeping your head steady and your eyes on the ball at impact.

  3. Focus on Accuracy Over Distance: While hitting the ball far is impressive, focusing on accuracy over distance can help you hit the ball straighter and more consistently. By using less club and swinging easier, you can maintain control and accuracy, ultimately leading to lower scores and more success on the golf course.

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Equipment such as POWER COIL PRO and RYP RADAR recommended for improved performance:

  1. POWER COIL PRO: The POWER COIL PRO is an innovative resistance training device designed to build power and speed in your swing. By using resistance bands to create resistance in your swing, you’ll develop stronger, faster, and more efficient swing mechanics, leading to improved performance on the golf course.

  2. RYP RADAR: The RYP RADAR is a cutting-edge launch monitor that tracks your ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more, giving you real-time feedback on your swing and ball flight. With its intuitive interface and accurate measurements, the RYP RADAR is a must-have tool for improving your golf game.

Golf tips and strategies for success:

  1. Protect Your Club Heads: Overtime, the heads of your clubs can wear down, affecting your performance. To prevent this, make sure to use headcovers on your clubs and avoid hitting the ground or rocks with your clubs during your swing.

  2. Set Ambitious Scoring Goals: Setting ambitious scoring goals can help keep you motivated and focused on achieving your best. Whether it’s breaking 90 or making par on a challenging hole, having a clear goal in mind can give you the extra motivation and focus you need to succeed.

  3. Golf Sandals Suggested as a Comfortable Option: For those who prefer comfort over traditional golf shoes, golf sandals are a great option. They offer ample support and flexibility, allowing your feet to breathe and stay comfortable on the course.

  4. Walking the Course with a Personal Caddy can Save Money and Offer Exercise: Walking the course with a personal caddy can be a great way to save money on cart fees and get some exercise at the same time. Plus, having a caddy carry your clubs can relieve some of the physical strain of walking with a heavy load.

  5. Recommend Starting with Odd-Numbered Irons, a Putter, and a 3-Wood: For beginner golfers, starting with odd-numbered irons (5, 7, 9), a putter, and a 3-wood can help build your skills and confidence. These clubs are easier to control and provide a good foundation for mastering the fundamentals of the game.

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Fundamentals of putting reviewed with emphasis on soft pressure and clean, careful strokes:

Putting is one of the most important parts of your golf game, and the fundamentals of putting are crucial for consistent success on the greens. To start, make sure to use a soft grip and apply soft pressure to the putter handle. Keep your wrists firm and your elbows tucked in, making clean, careful strokes with your putter. Focus on the line and speed of your putt, adjusting your stance and putter angle as needed to achieve your desired result.


By using the right equipment, golf tips, and strategies, you can consistently square the clubface and hit the ball straight every time. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, implementing these techniques into your golf game can help you achieve the success you’re looking for on the course.


  1. Can I improve my golf game without expensive equipment?

Yes, while expensive equipment may be helpful, there are many ways to improve your golf game without breaking the bank. Focus on the fundamentals of your swing, such as controlling your body rotation and using a soft grip on your club.

  1. What is the best way to improve my golf game quickly?

To improve your golf game quickly, focus on the fundamentals of your swing and get feedback from a golf professional. By identifying your weaknesses and practicing consistently, you can make significant improvements in a short amount of time.

  1. Can golf sandals be worn on a professional golf course?

It depends on the dress code of the particular golf course. Some courses may allow golf sandals, while others require traditional golf shoes. Check with the course beforehand to avoid any dress code violations.

  1. How do I know if I should use a caddy on the course?
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Using a caddy can be helpful for golfers of all skill levels, especially those who prefer to walk the course and save money on cart fees. If you’re unsure whether a caddy would benefit you, try it out on your next round or ask a professional golfer for advice.

  1. What is the most important aspect of a putt?

Line and speed are the two most important aspects of a successful putt. By focusing on the line and speed of your putt, adjusting your stance and putter angle as needed, you can improve your putting accuracy and consistency.

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