Hit Your Irons Further With The Correct Tee Height

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Hit your irons further with the correct tee height – this video shows the importance of teeing your ball correct on the tee box when using an iron. I hit three shots all at different tee heights and the difference on performance and distance is amazing!!

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13 thoughts on “Hit Your Irons Further With The Correct Tee Height

    1. I’d like to see that. Every time I go off the deck on the teebox, I can feel Jack Nicklaus frowning at me. I do it when I’m playing a knockdown or stinger into the breeze and I find it’s a great cue to get the ball launching lower.

  1. Cool demonstration, but important to note that you have a superb swing. I believe the main reason you see higher handicappers teeing it up higher is because they DO have more success that way, due to the faults in their swing. They cannot produce sufficient impact angles to strike the ball well off the deck, but they can flip at it and strike the ball okay (by their standards) off a tee. The question for them is do they want to improve their swing, or admit defeat and keep teeing it high for forgiveness off the teebox, then being hopeless when hitting off the fairway.

  2. Nice video, however when doing videos where you talk about strike I think you should use golf tape to better demonstrate where contact is taking place. Also comparing using the low tee to using no tee would be helpful to show the benefit on strike.

  3. I have a million dollar question. Since the ball is on the tee, what changes since the club face and the ground can not compress the golf ball? Even tho you’re going for the divot. The golf ball will not touch the ground at club face impact. I’m trying to educate myself more and more. Im a 13 handicap that’s In love with this game. Thank u for this video. Hope to hear back soon.

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