Hitting Stinger Every Single Tee Shot!!! | Crazy Ball Flights…

How To Hit a Tee Shot


I hit stinger off every single tee at Thurlestone golf club, some proper Tiger stingers and ball flights in this video!!!

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17 thoughts on “Hitting Stinger Every Single Tee Shot!!! | Crazy Ball Flights…

  1. Loving that..always wondered if you were ever going to hit those on the course. Although I realize that you just may actually play them and we don’t get the proper angle to see them.
    A small problem I noticed happened to you that gets me sometimes, when I’m trying to keep them down, they get a little pulley left. Cheers from Wichita KS mate..keep cracking on!!

  2. I have done this before with my 2 iron and surprisingly, I shot very well. Its hard to miss a fairway keeping it low. The only thing I found was the distance on the par 5’s were challenging. So par 5’s the second time around, I hit stinger 2i, stinger 3w and bam, either on the green or chipping. Great video.

  3. I’d love to see a montage vlog of divot repairs. NOT!
    I just like to watch and grin stupidly at yr stinger flights.
    Hey I know split screen, stingers to left of me, divot repairs to the right, lol.
    Comment left or right.
    Turn it into a competition for 2 winners plus me (joking), 3 winners, to play that course with you!
    Keep it going, enjoy yr content pal

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