How Are Golf Clubs Fitted?

How Are Golf Clubs Fitted?

Getting the right clubs fitted isn’t always easy. There are challenges to the fitting process, including cost and Loft angle. This article explores some of these issues and explains how the right fit can improve your game.


Lie angle

Using a lie board is one way to test your lie angle. The board can tell you where your club is at impact. However, it doesn’t give you a true read on where you’re swinging.

A more accurate way to measure your lie angle is to hit a ball with your club. The club fitter will put a piece of tape on the sole of your iron. If the sole comes through the ball flat, you’re doing something right. If it comes through with the heel of your club up above the ball, you’re doing something wrong.

You can also test your lie angle by hitting a ball with a lie board. You’ll find that you need to be a little more careful in order to get a true read.

Using a launch monitor is another way to measure your lie angle. There are a few different models on the market. However, each brand functions differently.

You can also measure your lie angle by hitting the ball with a divot. Divots give you a good idea of what you’re doing wrong, but they won’t tell you how you’re actually doing it.

The most efficient way to measure your lie angle is by watching how you swing. You’ll find that some swings are more flat than others. This is the sign of a handle high player. If you have a flat swing, you’re hitting the ball with your heel down, whereas if you have an upright swing, you’re hitting with your toe up.

A properly fit club will provide you with better direction, stronger grip, and a better pull. It will also help you achieve consistency. If you’re having trouble hitting the ball straight or left, you may need to adjust your lie angle.

Loft angle

Increasing the loft angle of your driver can help improve your carry distance. Increasing your loft may also allow you to use less spin on your ball. This is especially important when playing on a difficult golf course.

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If you are thinking about changing the loft angle of your driver, you may want to consider having a qualified fitter help you find the best one. They will be able to determine which angle to optimize to get the most carry distance.

Loft angle is an important golf club specification, as it directly affects the distance of the golf ball. Increasing your loft will increase your total distance by 15 yards. However, it is not recommended for all golfers. For example, if you are a golfer who is shorter than average, you may need to increase the loft of your driver. Similarly, you may need to increase the loft of any irons you have.

Loft angle is measured in degrees. You can use a Special Golf Club Gauge to measure the loft in one or ten degrees increments.

A sand wedge and a pitching wedge are often more than ten degrees off. This can cause weak spots in your game. For this reason, you should try to make sure that your lofts are not too far apart.

You should also look for a special golf club gauge that can measure the face angle. This is the angle between the face of your club and the ground. It is considered the most important aspect of a golf club. You should also consider how your club grip can affect the angle. If your club grip is too flat, you may hit the ball to the left of your target. On the other hand, if your club grip is too upright, you may hit the ball to the right of your target.

Center-faced contact

Getting center-faced contact when fitting golf clubs is essential for hitting the ball consistently. If you don’t hit the center of the face, you can end up with a high spin and inconsistent strikes. There are a few things you can do to help find the center of the face.

The first thing you should do is set up with your body’s center of mass over your feet. This will prevent you from bending your upper body forward in your downswing. When your body bends forward, it reduces your ideal angle of attack. This results in a loss of clubhead speed.

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Your lie angle is a big factor in determining your face angle. If your lie angle is too high, you will hit the ground with the heel of the club. This is why players who set their toes too high can have inconsistent strikes.

You will also want to ensure that your toe is a few millimetres above the ground. This will prevent the club’s heel from digging into the turf at impact. This can cause you to miss or shank the ball.

Another factor in getting center-faced contact is the loft and face angle of the club. If you strike the face high, the ball will hit more towards the right and fade less. Alternatively, if you strike the face low, the ball will hit more towards the left and draw less.

You can also use footspray to try and strike the face with the center of the club. This will help you get a feel for what you are doing and help you learn different contact locations.

When fitting golf clubs, make sure you take the amount of weighting into consideration. A weighted club will help you practice the proper swing through the ball.

Challenges with club fitting

Choosing the right clubs for your game is a daunting task. If you’re a beginner, the process can seem like a bit of a minefield. In order to make sure that you’re getting the right clubs, you may want to consider taking advantage of a professional fitting service. Some golfers are willing to fork over the cash to get all the variables considered in a fit.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to fitting is that the best fitter is the one that will cater to your particular swing and goals. In other words, you don’t want to be stuck with a club set that’s too heavy or too thin.

The best fitting services will also go the extra mile by providing you with a variety of fitting options. For example, you can opt for a video fitting, where you’ll be able to see your swing from a different perspective.

You may also want to consider taking advantage of a launch monitor. This is an innovation in golf equipment that identifies which clubs are most likely to perform the best. This is a great way to make sure you’re utilizing the best clubs for your game.

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Finally, you may want to consider getting a custom club set. Using a club manufacturer that’s a specialist in fitting can help you make sure that you’re getting the best clubs for your game. There are several companies to choose from, so take your time and make sure that you choose the right one for you. This isn’t a decision you’ll regret. You’ll be thankful that you took the time to find the right fit for you!

The right fitter can save you time, energy, and even money in the long run.


Purchasing a set of golf clubs can be costly. Often, a golf club fitting will be needed to make sure that the clubs are right for you. A properly fitting set will allow you to improve your game and achieve better results. You may be able to find a discount if you purchase clubs from a retailer that offers a fitting service.

Usually, a full set of clubs can cost between $80 and $250. Getting clubs fitted can help improve your game by optimizing loft and lie.

Most golfers do not need to get clubs custom fit. However, if you are a high handicapper, a club fitter may recommend a set of clubs that are a bit better for you. Golfers who are shorter or taller than average may also benefit from a club fitter.

Most retailers will offer discounts on fitting services to customers who purchase a certain amount of clubs. Some will also offer free fitting sessions. However, if you are buying a new set of clubs, you may be charged an extra fee.

Most golfers should consider getting a full bag of clubs fitted. This includes a driver, putter, irons, and woods. A full bag fitting can last from three to four hours, depending on the number of clubs involved.

It is also a good idea to get a club fitting if you are a beginner. If you are a beginner, it is also important to take into consideration your height and swing. Golfers who are right-handed, for example, will benefit from a club that is slightly less torque.

Most golf clubs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and features. You may have a difficult time finding a club that fits your body and swing. Having a professional fit your golf clubs will ensure that you get the most accurate and precise clubs possible.

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