How To Bomb Your Driver In Golf

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How To Bomb Your Driver In Golf

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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20 thoughts on “How To Bomb Your Driver In Golf

  1. You have helped me more than you could think. My swing has changed so much and I have gained so much distance and accuracy with all my clubs. I thank you so much.

  2. fantastic! You really know how to explain the swing in a way that can be understood and repeated. My game has improved a ton since I subscribed to your channel. Please keep up the excellent content. Thanks Clay!

  3. Clay, another great video lesson. Amazing how much information you can compact into a 35 min video. The feet together is a great way to work on your balance with a half swing. There are several champion tour players who still use this drill. They start with their feet together and then work their way back to their normal stance with a full swing. A golfer that is in balance can be a very consistent striker of the golf ball. Thanks again

  4. A Pro V1 would’ve shattered that ax head, then flown 320 down the middle of the fairway. Then it would’ve found a vaccine for COVID-19. Just give it a chance.

  5. Would feeling you are pulling the center of the grip apart at Impact be a good feel for the snap, 45 degree release.? Appreciate your clear, on target instructions…Tom

  6. I think you’re flap feel is misrepresented any of those (Snap flap)at the wrong time is poor swing, I’ve seen a lot of your videos, and we learn a lot thank you, but I also have never had swing speed until I started applying the Mike Austin the (flap) in 3 months I went from 95 to 110mph swing and I’m 58, I do enjoy your videos but I’ll stick with flap then roll, not cup the left hand, because that’s how I got better! All the Best and stay well and safe!

  7. Thank you for the video!! When you say tee the ball higher…. if I’m using the step tees would I upgrade to the 3 1/4 tee as I’m currently using the 2 3/4. Thank you for your help!

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