How To Clean Golf Balls

Golf is a game of precision and one of the most important factors in achieving precision is making sure that your golf balls are clean. Unfortunately, golf balls can get dirty very easily, especially if you play on courses with a lot of sand or water. Luckily, there are a few simple steps you can follow to clean your golf balls and keep them in pristine condition.

Step-By-Step Instruction On How To Clean Your Golf Balls

how to clean golf balls

We all know that golfers value their clubs more than anything else they own. We’re so busy cleaning the grips and shining the heads of the drivers that we almost forgot about the golf balls. But a shiny, well-kept golf club doesn’t help if it hits a dirty golf ball.

Golf balls should be cleaned for more than one reason. The first benefit is that it makes the contact between the driver and the golf ball better. Second, it makes the golf ball go straighter and farther. Lastly, dirty golf balls can speed up the wear and tear on your expensive driver’s head.

A clean golf ball will go straighter and faster than one that is dirty. A dirty golf ball is likely to have dirt, mud, and other things stuck in its dimples, which makes it less aerodynamic. This will hurt how well you play during the game and could ruin your whole time golfing. This step-by-step guide will show you how to clean your golf balls so that each swing is as good as it can be.

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Step 1: Cleaning Light Dirt On Golf Balls

how to clean golf balls

Golfers often use a dishwasher to speed up the cleaning process when they need to clean their golf balls. Hot water and dishwashing detergent work like magic to clean light dirt off the surface of it. This is the right way to do it.

  • Put your golf balls in the cutlery tray of the dishwasher.
  • Put in the same amount of detergent as you would for a normal cycle.
  • To clean your golf balls well, use the medium cycle.
  • Take it out of the space where the tools are kept and clean them with an old towel.

This method only works with golf balls that have very little dirt in the dimples. If your golf balls aren’t too dirty, you need to use a different method.

Step 2: Clean Golf Balls That Aren’t Too Dirty

If your golf balls aren’t too dirty, soak them in water to get rid of any dirt, grass, or mud that has stuck to them. This is the best way to clean a lot of golf balls at once. If you need to clean a lot of golf balls, use this method.

  • Take a big enough container to hold all of your golf balls. After putting warm water in it halfway, set it aside.
  • The pail needs 1 cup of vinegar added to it (you can also use bleach or ammonia as alternatives).
  • Allow the golf balls to soak for 20 to 30 minutes in the solution.
  • Get it out of the bucket and clean them with a pressure washer. Most of the dirt on the surface of it will have been broken down by the vinegar, making it easier to clean them.
  • Before putting the golf balls in the sun, take them out of their bag and dry them with an old towel.
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Step 3: Clean Golf Balls That Are Very Dirty

Golf balls often have a lot of dirt and mud on them, especially when they are played in wet weather. This makes the golf balls slimy and sticky, which can make it hard to play. With a little elbow grease, you can clean even the dirtiest golf balls and make sure the driver head of your club makes clean contact with the ball.

  • In a way that is similar to step 2, the golf balls are in a bucket of warm water and vinegar. This time, soak the golf balls for an hour to get rid of any dirt and mud that is still on them.
  • Mix baking soda and water to make a paste. This paste cleans the dimples on a golf ball and gets rid of dirt and mud that has been caked on. Use a brush with stiff bristles to stir up and remove the dirt.
  • Use a pressure washer to get rid of any dirt that is still on the golf balls.
  • Clean the golf balls with an old towel before putting them out in the sun.

Step 4: Removing Pen Marks On Golf Balls

Used golf balls are marked with paint or felt-tip pens if you purchase them. Using acetone-based nail polish remover, simply rinse the ball under running water and remove the polish with a brush.

  • Rinse the golf balls to get rid of any dirt or dust on them. Before you put on the acetone, dry the area with a towel.
  • Use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to wipe away the pen marks. A paint thinner can also be used to get paint off the surface of a golf ball.
  • Before drying them with a towel, the golf balls should be washed with dish soap.

If you follow these steps, your golf balls will be as clean as a whistle. Make sure to clean your golf balls often so you don’t have a bad time when you play. If you want custom-printed GOLF BALLS IN PERTH, get in touch with us.

Final Thoughts

That’s how you clean golf balls the right way. It’s important to keep it clean because it can affect your performance on the green. A little bit of elbow grease is all it takes to have clean golf balls that perform optimally. Do you have any tips on how to clean golf balls? Share them with us in the comments below!

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