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This video is about How To CREATE LAG In The Golf Downswing. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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33 thoughts on “How To CREATE LAG In The (GOLF DOWNSWING!)

  1. Another informative video Adam. And a reminder, as I still struggle with too much grip pressure and not letting the club move freely. I believe it’s more of a mental thing…fear of losing control of the club. Thanks again. Best Regards.

  2. There is SO much good information here that we all need to watch this many times, I may set YouTube in Loop mode & put the headphones on as I go to sleep.

  3. Great video Adam! I have the Lag Shot training club and I love it. I’ve got a garage full of training aids, but this is hands down the BEST full swing training aid I own! Glad to see you’re using it.

    1. Albert,
      Ultimately the preceding segments (hips, trunk, arms) decelerate transferring energy to the club through the wrists. Think of slamming on the breaks in a car, the passengers (club) accelerate forward.
      Hope this helps.
      Best, Adam

  4. When I hit my driver and want to hit it really far I always start using the arms to much instead of just turning the hips and letting the upper body follow. Do you have any tips? great vids btw, they really helped me out so far 🙂

  5. I Finally discovered the beginnings of this my last time out and was comfortably under 90 for the first time in a while, I was confident of contact and distance and direction were much more consistent, easier too! This video was well timed for me as I can understand the effects of doing this, and now I have things to do so I can build on this.

  6. I can’t begin to tell you how much your instruction has meant to me. I took up golf at age 62 (I am a lifelong athlete) and assumed that at that age I would not find much improvement. The last couple of years has been an eye-opening experience. Two years ago I shot a 79 and last year scored 78, 76, 76. Much of this improvement has been the result of an enormous amount of practice and professional tips, particularly the ones I’ve gotten from you. Many thanks!

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