How to Hit a Driver Part 1

The issue might be your setup if you’re having a hard time controlling direction and distance off of the tee with your driver. It’s fairly easy to check your driver setup as you address the ball.

Proper setup is crucial to any golf shot, it’s particularly crucial with the driver. Screw up a drive and you’ll be scrambling to recover the entire hole. An errant drive can leave you in many bad places – whether that is rough, the next fairway, the trees or even worse – out of bounds.

The finest swing in the world doesn’t guarantee a thing if it is performed with a bad setup, poor hand position or grip, bad stance or an incorrect ball position.

In this 4 part series I’m going to supply detailed guidelines on ball striking, hand position and grip, proper stance and where to position the ball.


The Goal of Your Driver Setup

This is the most crucial distinction in between your irons and your driver. You want to hit down on the ball with your irons. With your driver, you want to make contact as the club head is arcing back up.

This helps provide spin on the golf ball as it leaves the club face and heads down the fairway.

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The techniques that follow will assist you in making strong contact with the golf ball, managing your club face and handling your objective of longer, straighter drives with better club head speed and control.

The longest, straightest drives happen when you have passed the low point of your golf swing  and are just beginning on your upswing at the moment of impact with the ball.

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