How to Hit a Driver Part 2- Hand Position & Grip

In Part 1 of our How to Hit a Driver series we looked at how we want to strike the ball in our swing. In Part 2 – Hand Position and Grip we will take a look at proper hand positioning and the strength of your grip on the driver.

Appropriate Hand Position

This one is extremely simple. When you have taken your driver setup position – where are your hands in relation to the golf ball? They must be completely lined up with your ball. This develops a neutral to small forward lean in the driver shaft.

Appropriate Golf Grip

You might currently be worried that you do not have the ideal grip for your driver. That’s the sort of suggestions golf friends like to provide each other. Numerous golf enthusiasts have actually been told they should strengthen their grip or loosen it. While your playing partners mean well they speak from their experience. The grip that they use may not work for you due to age or physical differences.

Take your routine setup and look down at your lead hand. From this position, what is the number of knuckles that you see? This will inform you whether you have a strong, weak, or neutral grip.

The proper position and grip strength will assist you in making strong contact and control the club face at impact. Incorrect hand position can trigger you to slice it, hook it, or strike it off the toe or heel.

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How to Position Your Hands for a Driver Setup

Once they learn how to properly grip the golf club, the typical golf enthusiast does not give much thought to their hand position. Appropriate hand position is really quite essential for your driver setup.

Here’s an easy method for checking your hand position when doing your driver setup:

  • You have a weak grip if you can’t see any knuckles.
  • You understand you have a neutral grip when you see 2-2 1/2 knuckles.
  • If you’re seeing almost all of your knuckles then your grip is strong.

Now, it is possible to hold your club shaft with many different grips. Not everyone can use the same grip so it is up to you to take these tips, find a grip that is comfortable and repeatable for you, then learn to compensate your alignment as needed to fit your swing.

The most hassle-free technique to ensure a square face is with a neutral grip. If your grip is typically strong or weak, try altering the next time you’re at the driving range. If you can swing quickly with a neutral grip, you’ll most likely have a much easier time handling your drives.

Once you are comfortable with your hand positioning and grip, you are ready to move to the next step – proper positioning,

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