How to Hit a Driver Part 4 – Ball Positioning

We’ve reached the conclusion in our How to Hit a Driver series. A quick recap reminds us that Part 1 was about striking the ball on your upswing. Part 2 in the series was was about Hand Position & Grip, Part 3 covered body positioning and the proper stance to produce the best drives. Part 4 – Ball Positioning will conclude this series.

Ball position is a lot more vital than most golfers realize. Even a small modification to your golf ball position can assist you in improving contact, provide more distance on your shot and even help you lose your slice or hook.

Here’s how you discover the best ball position for your driver setup.

The Distance Between You and the Ball

Make sure you have the ideal distance in between you and the ball. To do this:

  • Stand holding your club out in front of you so the shaft is parallel to the ground.
  • Hinge at the hips till the club head touches the ground. That’s where the ball needs to be.

An included advantage to discovering correct range in this manner is that you likewise discover appropriate golf posture for your driver setup.

Golf Ball Position

Correct ball position is crucial for making sure you hit up on the ball every single time when using your driver.


In order to hit the ball on an upward angle, you need to impact the ball after you have reached the low point of your swing trajectory.  Typically, the club head will reach the low point of your swing at about the center of your position – halfway between your front foot and your rear foot.

Naturally, the ball must be forward of this position if you’re going to hit it on an upward movement.

There are a couple methods to discover the perfect spot in your swing for ball placement.

One choice is to utilize a tool like the Rimer Short Game Trainer. This is a terrific training aid – it’s basically a positioning ruler with a slider that helps you find the best ball position.

If you do not have a Rimer, follow these simple actions:

  • Stand with your feet together and the golf ball lined up with the space in between your feet.
  • Move your front foot slightly towards the target.. This movement is usually just an inch or 2.
  • Take a slightly larger step back away from the target with your rear foot. This step needs to be as big as is required to make your stance just more than shoulder width wide.

Now you have the ball right where you want it on your stance.

So this concludes our How to Hit a Driver series. We hope that you have found this information helpful and can use the tips to improve your drives on the course.



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