How To Hit a Tee Shot


Welcome Matt and Basil jet here in beautiful Naples, Florida. Again, I’m two time PGA teacher of the year award winner down here, founder of Scratch Golf Academy. We want to talk to you today about how to drive a golf ball, but for beginners, how to beginners get started using their drivers. It’s not an easy club for anybody, let alone a beginner. Just check it out.

Okay, so let’s have a look. How could a beginner get started with their driver and get on the path to decent driving? This would actually work for a lot of people as well, by the way, but let’s have a look. Number one, you have to establish, establish some reasonably solid contact misses. The way I would start, you can see two tees in the ground there. They form if you like a little gate between which I’m going to try to make my downswing initially here. We’re going to stay on a very small scale to try to develop some skill. It’s like if you’re learning to drive a car, you don’t want to go out into the middle of traffic in London. You want to go in the parking lot and start small. So let’s start like this. I’m gonna make just a little baby swing here and just right between the t gates we go.

Now here’s a word of caution to you. When you start on something like this, what you don’t wanna do is start thinking about what to do and start trying to over manage the club with your hands and steer it in there. That isn’t what we want. We want nice fluid, easy motion, and just notice if it’s going through the t gate, your brain will figure it out. If it taps the one t or the other, it will adjust subconsciously. So just flow a little bit. Use the tease for feedback. Okay. Next thing with solid contact on of my favorite little teaching aides here, it’s become one of my favorites. This little mallet. If you were to hit a golf ball, maybe bring a golf ball down here, gravity, and again, this is going to help you as solid contact. You would if I was going to tap it out of there with this mallet, I’d come in right here at the back of the bowl like so.

So many golfers come down on top of the ball too much. It would seem extremely impractical with a mallet. So picture what you would do to tap a mallet forward and simply feel that you’re going to do the same thing with the driver and just tap the bowl forward like that. That’ll give you a nice angle of attack into the golf ball. The final thing you’ve noticed, I’ve placed two shafts here giving me sort of a lane to the target, and again, I don’t want to overthink this, I’m not trying to oversteer there, but it gives me a real sense of, hey, this is where the bottom of my swing is moving. Three things. Then I’m learning the skill of going between the two gates. I’m learning what is a reasonable mallet type angle of attack. I’m not coming this way, the ball. So many golfers do that in a rabbit attempt to hit the golf ball.

And finally I’m starting to blueprint a little sense of where my swing is aiming directionally. Once I’ve done that a little bit, you’ve guessed it, just put the club in your hands like a couple of little swings and taps some balls out there, 30 40 yards or something. Let me give you one final word of caution. One of the things that any golfer is prone to, but I would say especially a new goal for a certain amount of anxiety that you’re not going to make contact with the ball period, let alone solid contact and there’s often an attempt to hit with the club head and just to force the club at the ball. Try to avoid that. We’re just trying to create some motion and some flow. One of the best drills for that is actually tossing golf clubs, letting one release out of your hands, 20 or 30 yards.

If you’re a little reticent to do that or you feel you might break something, don’t do it. But that’s the mental picture. So in summary, learn to establish some solid contact. You need feedback for that. The teaser, a wonderful gate. Do it without the golf ball initially till you can pretty consistently switch between the teas. Do it in a fashion like the malate that would relate to driving the ball forward and give yourself a little bit of a sense of directional help like that. Avoid the pitfall of hitting too much and just time on task. We’ll do the job, your subconscious or workout a lot of stuff. If you just relax and make some swings. Hope this helps you a little bit. Get started with your driving. Well, thanks again for your time. Quite a few people have taken an interest in the videos. I really appreciate it. I hope that helping you subscribe to the channel would love to get you more content free. Coming along your way is already quite a bit at my home. Scratch him website, Scratch Golf and of course you’ve got this free course for you. If you’re interested in hitting the ball further, hope this would find you helpful. Take advantage of that. Leave a comment. Would love to hear about it. Best of luck with your driving.


  1. Adam, I suspect you are right. Years ago when I took lessons from a former touring pro, Pete Cooper, I had to fight over swinging and lifting the club straight up to increase my swing length. As you know when you haven’t practiced a lot for a while you sometimes tend to return to old habits. Thanks for a great lessons and drills.

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  3. have been struggling a lot with my driver, this approach to hitting it makes so much sense. You explanation in terms I could understand are much appreciated! Thanks!!

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