How to hit a POWER FADE

How To Hit a Tee Shot


How to hit a power fade. Sometimes when your out playing on the course you will come across a hole which is a left to right dog leg. Knowing how to deliberately hit a power fade so that you retain your tee shot distance but accurately curve the ball around the corner so that it lands on the fairway would be a really useful shot to learn. Here we look at how to play a power fade tee shot on demand so that your able to control the ball flight and nail the next dog leg.

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4 thoughts on “How to hit a POWER FADE

  1. Thanks Natalie for the very thorough coverage of a shot that has buggered me for some time now. Glad you mentioned the hands through the swing. I seem to have over active hands on the down swing that results in right to left draws and some times a “duck hook”. Keeping the hands from rotating is the key and taking a more neutral grip is something I will adopt on the range. Will report back later on the results! Many thanks!

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