How To Hit A Stinger | Keep It Low And Let It Roll

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How To Hit A Stinger | Keep It Low And Let It Roll

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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14 thoughts on “How To Hit A Stinger | Keep It Low And Let It Roll

    1. James E thats a great feeling. I bought new irons P790s this year also. Nice feeling knowing you can reach those kinds of shots. My 2 iron is an old ping eye rarely hit. Many people will not use them. I love it.

    2. James E they’re not for everyone. I tried several different clubs. From Titleist, mizuno, Calloway, Ping and some Japanese brand. It took me a good 2 weeks to decide. Almost got the Titleist, but liked the feel of the P790s. It’s a personal deal. The clubs find you. Great to hear you found a companion set that you are comfortable with.

    3. @Jeff Nahass I only tried 3-4 sets and I was crushing the ball with the MBs and the distances were so consistent that I had to get them. I didn’t even try too many different ones haha

  1. Had to stop the video. I’m not nearly good enough to “shape” my shot by implementing a “brush” approach… this is just going to get stuck in my brain and ruin the somewhat decent shot I have.

  2. The right wrist movement you talked about last time is the money move for this shot. Keeping that wrist cocked as you cover the ball is the secret for me, can’t thank you enough for it

  3. Thank you for explaining where the hands are at impact! That just cleared up a huge misconception I had about getting forward shaft lean by trying to get your hands to the left side of your body.

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