How To Hit Driver Straight Consistently | Crazy Detail

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How To Hit Driver Straight Consistently | Crazy Detail

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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22 thoughts on “How To Hit Driver Straight Consistently | Crazy Detail

  1. Clay you mention “dropping” down. Not sure this is the best way to reach the objective. Instead by squaring up the lead hip, there is automatically a drop in height whilst opening a clear path to the target AND A STRAIGHT HIT. The wrist and bowing – it seems I have a long week end of watching and practising ahead.

  2. I would like to see you take an average golfer (90 mph swing speed ,slicer) and give him a lesson so us average golfers can see the results, btw your videos have helped me for my many swing faults, thanks

  3. Can you make a video on someone that tends to hook? I used to have a slice, did a bunch of drills to fix it (because they are everywhere on the internet), and for a while, my drives were perfect. Then it got over exaggerated, and now I can’t shake the hook.

  4. Could you use impact stickers on your club face so we can see how hitting on different spots on the face dose different things to the ball flight. Thank you.

  5. Clay, thanks for the great content! Have been struggling a bit lately. Watched this video and went out today and had one of my best ball striking days in a while. Hit 12 of14 fairways with the driver, including all 7 on the back 9. Picked up a bit of distance as well. Sure was fun!

  6. What is VERY noticeable in this video is how RELAXED ur back is … no compression in ur shoulders, not pushing chest forward… i imagine at ur setup u feel an absolute relaxation of ur whole body … almost like ur on the edge of hunching ever so slightly. I only wish we could feel how relaxed u are … no muscle effort in this … setup and turn really. Danger in all these online lessons is the fact that a “student” will see what ur showing and it kinda looks like this is pressured control instead of actually crazy relaxed so it happens naturally in ur movements of turning the club back with ur body … finish the swing and just turn back (putting it simple) .. as it truly is 😉

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