How to hit driver with more confidence

How To Hit a Tee Shot


Struggling with the big stick off the tee? Rudding Park's pro Rob Watkins has some tips to help you through it
How to hit driver with more confidence

Not quite getting results you would like from the tee? We headed to Rudding Park in North Yorkshire to run through a drill with professional Rob Watkins on how to hit driver with more confidence.

First of all, get a really good custom fit. I see too many amateurs turning up with drivers they’ve simply picked up off the shelf. To become more reliant and confident with the driver you need to make sure that specific driver is tailored for your specific needs.

The second tip would be to settle on a shot that suits your swing. If you are one of these people who are trying to play four or five different shots off the tee then you are going to end up getting frustrated.

If you naturally swing in to out and have a bit of a natural draw then you should settle with that. Once you settle on a shot you will become more confident when you see the shot working more often than not.

Watch the full video above for more advice from Rob on how to hit driver.

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