How To Hit Longer Tee Shots AskGolfGuru

How To Hit a Tee Shot

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How To Hit Longer Tee Shots AskGolfGuru, Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru help more viewers through his AskGolfGuru Q&A iPhone, iPad and Android app by answering their golfing questions. Play your best golf with improved understanding of your golf swing. Mark is talking distance from the the tee and this video is helping women and men understand how to find better distance in their golf games.

19 thoughts on “How To Hit Longer Tee Shots AskGolfGuru

  1. This is a very good point Mark, I’m off 13 and 37 but compared to my peers was shorter off the tee. Went and had some lessons which have straightened me out, helped me use the power in my legs and generally improve my swing. This has added yards to my game without hitting it “harder” and without hitting the gym, I get more club head speed now as I have a better swing and strike despite my old swing not resulting in hugely curving shots.

  2. Compression of the golf ball is kinda nonsense its a bit like trying to add overspin to the ball when putting. All you need do is hit the ball with a near to square clubface in the sweatspot of the club with a descending strike (irons) forget compression.

  3. Swing harder. Practicing a fuller swing with more energy can lead to more swing faults and less control initially, but learning how to control the club at higher speed will in time lead to more distance. Having a coach to monitor and correct faults through technique will help limit the damage. Obvious as it may sound, this is the way to gain distance.

  4. Really a good video Mark. One thing I would add is most golfer’s shoulders are parallel to the ground. Good for an iron but the driver should have more tilt. You want to uppercut the driver behind the ball.

  5. Can’t agree more. This year I got lessons and club fitting. Dropping score from 95~86 to 83~76. Increased my distance for all the clubs about 10~15%. This winter, I will have my friend (my gorilla friend) to help me for physical training. I am at age 37 with 3 years of summer weekend golf experience. The best way to hit longer and play better is swing correctly and get stronger.

  6. Mark what about increasing lag in the downswing? Its the easiest way to get extra clubhead speed with little effort. I don’t remember ever seeing you do a video on lag or ever mentioning it?

  7. And compression is not bs. It lowers spin and delofts the club which equals more distance. It also helps with consistency as it promotes clean ball first contact.

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