How To Hit The Golf Ball High

How To Hit a Tee Shot


PGA golf Professional Piers Ward demonstrates how to play a high golf shot.

5 thoughts on “How To Hit The Golf Ball High

  1. to hit it higher is it ok strategy if i take a bigger divot as well as what you said: ball forward and weight back? i’ve noticed that if i take a big divot then the ball shoots high but if i take no divot it shoots out lower.

  2. Hi, by putting the ball forward in your stance it shallows your angle of approach to the ball in order to increase your launch angle. Taking a bigger divot will mean you are approaching the ball steeper and will give you a lower launch angle. To hit the ball higher than normal you should barely take a divot to create that initial loft at impact. Hope that helps.

  3. I would hit my ball high after a bad hole that ruined my score. So bust out the fatty. After that, no problem hitting high shots the rest of the round.

    Thanks guys

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