How To HIT Your DRIVER From The Inside [HUGE GAINS!)

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36 thoughts on “How To HIT Your DRIVER From The Inside [HUGE GAINS!)

  1. Great tutorial, I really like the impact bag drills, it really teaches you how to hit from the inside. Most of my playing partners never go back to first principles in their practice and just ingrain bad habits. Periodically you have to go back to basics and re-learn the fundamentals as bad habits creep in to everyone’s swing and you just ingrain them and make it worse. Then they blame the clubs and try to buy themselves better with a new driver !

  2. Thanks Adam, you’re now my go to online golf teacher! I’ve been playing golf for 35 years and am improving quicker than I have ever done.

  3. i need to get my swing together after years of not playing to beat my young relatives (in their 20’s and early 30’s) so thanks for your excellent tuition and great explanations.

  4. There’s 2 types of golf pros teaching on Youtube. The first kind talk about many small details and different topics, very technical, a lot of small instructions. Very hard to connect all the instructions, you find yourself always correcting small mistakes separately, but never “getting it”. The 2nd type, people who have already “digested” all that complexity to offer fewer & easy to understand instructions that bring better golf to whoever want to listen. These are the only good ones to me now, and Mr. Bazalgette is one of the best, maybe the best.

  5. Played golf last week & hit the first two duck hooks of my life, My partner exclaimed “I’ve never seen you do that ever!” I told him I’m trying to change my swing to stop hitting fades & slices & that it is a work in progress.

    1. Thanks Andrew.
      I try to use lingo that can apply to lefties and right handers. That said, all info would apply to either player, it’s just mirrored for the lefty.
      Hope this helps.
      Best, Adam

  6. Great visual descriptions with skipping rocks and the inside whip needed. I’ve been seeing some arising outside in swings with driver thus resulting in some side spin, slicing and lose of distance.

    I’ll be remembering skipping rocks as my last swing thought before back swing with driver. As usual excellent content, breaking it down in layman’s terms.

  7. Hitting from the inside is about the only natural and instinctive aspect of my golf! I have cured the duck hook but I still find myself aiming way right as I have an exaggerated draw!

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