How To Hit Your Driver LONGER | Best Drills

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How To Hit Your Driver LONGER | Best Drills

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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16 thoughts on “How To Hit Your Driver LONGER | Best Drills

  1. been a leisure golfer for the past 40 years and recently started taking lessons simultaneously watching your videos. I sincerely appreciate your very helpful lesson online. Now, I quit my lessons and only watching your Youtube lessons as needed. Great stuff!!!

  2. Clay, Q, another great video. The question I have is where is your weight distribution from the start of your swing to the finish. I have noticed that when I allow my front heel ( left foot) to come slightly off the ground my weight tends to move forward to my toes. This puts me a little closer to the ball and this can lead to hozzle rockets with my irons. Your drill works great with my driver and fairway medals. however it can be scary with my irons.

    1. Thanks Randy! It sounds like you’re standing up out of the swing a little bit. Try to push your hips back and keep your shoulders steeper as you rotate to the top. Play well! Quentin | TSG Instructor

  3. This video contains a video that I especially like ✌️
    It is a video that clearly showed the height of the tee and the position of the shoulder.
    My swing image has changed a lot in this video.
    Also, I’m 1.82 meters tall , I found out that a 4 upright club is good, so I decided to make it an American size club! Especially, the iron had a completely different impact from the previous one, and I was really moved!

  4. Used your tips today and scored 40 points Stableford off 14 and hit a 298 yard drive. Considering Im 57 Im delighted and its mostly down to your instruction. Thanks. David.

  5. Does the stiffness of the shaft affect this? I have a very flexible shaft on my driver, and I find it very difficult to control the head because I feel as if the head is lagging too far behind.

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