How to Keep Rotating Through Impact And Stop Flipping

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How to Keep Rotating Through Impact And Stop Flipping

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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26 thoughts on “How to Keep Rotating Through Impact And Stop Flipping

    1. Backwards slide is caused by the weight moving to the outside of your right foot…. The weight must be on the INSIDE of your right foot as you swing back

  1. This is excellent! I have a very high-resolution screen but find it difficult to follow the ball flight. I would also like to see more slow-motion clips in order to understand exactly what is going on.

  2. Hello Mr.cray
    It’s always really helpful, so I watch it many times every day.
    It may not be related to the video, but I bought a PING i210 today!
    There are always things to think about, and please introduce the TOP SPEED golf system to Japan.
    There is no one in Japan who understands the basics and reasoning of a golf swing, and can give a simple explanation, not the trendy words and movements.
    Also, even if I want to say it, no one is saying it clearly, so the explanation is difficult to understand, and I often don’t know what I want to say.
    I want to clarify good and bad and use it for practice.
    Please consider introducing the system in Japan.

  3. clay cant keep up with the facial hair and the clothes. one day the hair is on the next day of the clothes don’t change ?? the lessons are superb, however, you fail to understand that the majority are not the all American athletes college boy that you are

  4. Clay is the best teacher on youtube. I was approaching 4, 2 months ago. I’m a +1 now. You could watch just 6 to 8 of his videos and change your game. Pay attention. No magic cures. Work hard.

  5. I used to do the same thing with a golf ball, stuck it in my armpit and if i chicken wing it falls out. I like this way better, less painful

  6. You could maybe wrap a small elastic band round the face to keep the theraband from slipping every two to three swings. I love stuff like this for having a better concept through feels and a strong visual. Looks like a visual representation of the so-called ‘flying wedge’ or like the ulnar deviation angle on Gears!

  7. I like your channel and think a lot of what you share is good stuff. This drill, however, is highly overrated . I tried it and found it very easy to perform yet it had no discernible effect on improving my ball striking.

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