How To Launch Your Golf Driver Higher

How To Hit a Tee Shot


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How To Launch Your Golf Driver Higher with AskGolfGuru PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about hitting better tee shots with more loft and longer flight. Play your best golf and hit the fairway with more distance with AskGolfGuru's easy to follow golf tips and drills.

19 thoughts on “How To Launch Your Golf Driver Higher

  1. I watch your videos all the time and have been a subscriber for some time now.

    I hit the ball with a natural draw every time but it just isn’t going far enough, I am a high handicapper, could you help me?

  2. Mark, you did not talk about Tee height, I found Teeing the ball slightly higher has helped with the launch of my driver because I know have the feeling the I can hit up and present better dynamic loft to the ball?

  3. Hi there I’m inquiring about the titleist vokey sm5 wedges. I’m not sure on what degrees, bounce and the different grinds e.g s grind- m grind thanks .!!

    1. That all depends on the type of swing that you use for your wedges. The grinds and the bounce help different kinds of delivery. Course conditions are also a factor. As for degrees, you should try hitting different ones to see how they fit into your distance gaps.

  4. Hi Mark – kinda the same topic as this video, but how would you recommend reducing the spin on your driver (apart from buying a SLDR driver). When i play on wettish courses i find that my ball is constantly getting plugged in the fairway off the tee (compared to other friends this doesn’t seem to happen to). Sometimes I can see my divot in the fairway with my ball behind where it has landed. Is this caused by too much spin? If so, how can I fix it?

    Paul – Melbourne, Australia

    1. The way I set myself up is when addressing the ball with the club on the ground is that approx half the ball is above the crown of the driver on a tee shot.  It works for me but I suggest experimenting to find your optimum tee height for your swing

  5. I could do with a little help keeping the driver lower! Often balloon it and provably lose distance! Now I clearly know that my shaft isn’t ‘causing’ it, a few swing thoughts/tips would be great?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Mark another great video, keep them coming. Your idea about flipping the club to increase loft is something I will practice. I often really struggle with a low ball flight especially with my driver. I thoroughly enjoy your videos as it gives a truly unbiased opinion.

    1. Charles David Duval once said that he used to practice his high lob shots before going to the driver, he said the hand action of releasing the right hand under through impact(as Mark demonstrated) made him hit better higher longer drives. Great video Mark!

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