How To Lower Your Driver Spin To Hit Longer Penetrating Drives

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How To Lower Your Driver Spin To Hit Longer Penetrating Drives

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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19 thoughts on “How To Lower Your Driver Spin To Hit Longer Penetrating Drives

    1. I’ve used the foot spray trick on the range.., found out I was consistently hitting the driver on the inside of the face. My hand Path was was too far away from my body thru the ball

  1. Thanks Clay…… explained perfectly why I do what I do with my driver !! I always seem to hit my ball out and up from the center…….and when I miss that spot it’s hardly ever good!! I’ve had Pros tell me I need a new low spin driver. (I play Ping I-25..9*). I tell them why would I do that if I have hit some of my longest drives with this one and more consistently.!! I always felt it was me not the driver……..and you are right !!! I’m like you……love my old driver as it stays in the fairway and now I’ll get my distance back……lol

  2. “Tee it higher”, it’s the most frightening and perhaps insulting phase to hackers. Unfortunately, I don’t tell them anymore. They all say…… ” but but but … I cant do that,whenever I tee it higher, I swing under the ball…..look”.

  3. Clay – would you also recommend a faster back swing as long as it was a smooth correct back swing to increase club head speed and distance? Great video as always.

  4. I’ve been following your channel for a little while now and really had a breakthrough with my driver yesterday. Your videos gave me the tools to not only begin to correct my technical errors, but to know what went wrong when I hit a bad shot. Previously, I didn’t know what caused my bad shots, so I couldn’t address the problem. I’ve begun to “know” what it feels like to square up the face, because of the variable learning drills you’ve shown, which have helped me tune into that a bit more. Then, using the foot spray stuff you’ve talked about, provided me with the immediate feedback to see that I was typically making contact with the ball low and towards the heel, even with my tee set high. Then it clicked, I needed to stand further from the ball, which forced me to have to reach for it more and prevented me from swinging across my body and either slicing or hitting a shot straight to my left. I could then focus on keeping that ‘hula hoop’ shape going towards the ball. Just like that, my drives are flying consistently further and straighter. I don’t think I’ll be scared to approach the tee the next time I play a round. I sure am glad I found this channel. Thanks TSG team!

  5. Good content. I’d also highly recommend getting fit for a low spin shaft with a high lofted MOI driver so the forgiveness is there, but the spin is controlled with the shaft. Ex. Sim Max with a Ventus Blue Shaft would be a good start.

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