How to Pitch Like a Tour Pro

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How to Pitch Like a Tour Pro

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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30 thoughts on “How to Pitch Like a Tour Pro

  1. Clay another great video to save stokes around the green. Questions at your set up position what is your weight distribution? Also what is bounce of your 60 degree wedge?

  2. Power comes from fast rotation of the shoulders is it? Rotation of hips does not contribute to power. It just follows the shoulders, am I correct?

    1. Most of your speed comes from your arms on full swings but you need to rotate your hips to get maximum power and have proper swing mechanics that allow you to control your ball flight.

  3. Another great video. You keep it so simple – easy drills with no complicated alignment tools. My game has completely transformed since following these easy tips. Shooting in the low 80’s & now I have a much better understanding of the driver swing – consistently carrying 250 with the occasional total distance reaching 300 v’s the irons with the lag & compression, almost every strike feels good & breeds confidence. My first sub 80 is coming, so, If you’re ever in Dubai – I owe u a few beers….

  4. Clay,
    Excellent video. With the feet width, I saw it explained where you can get the proper foot width by placing the club head between your feet or toes in order to obtain the correct width. Just a suggestion too.

    Also, I have seen it explained to get the forward lean to image by leaning forward and exaggerate it where it feels as though you could lift your rear foot off the ground

  5. Clay, im not scratch golfer, far from it and I’m rarely in the fairway when approaching the green. Could you show some drills when chipping/pitching from off the fairway?

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