How To Play A Short Pitch From Thick Rough

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How To Play A Short Pitch From Thick Rough

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Clay Ballard

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12 thoughts on “How To Play A Short Pitch From Thick Rough

    1. I play it like a bunker shot from a firm hardpan-like bunker lie (not normal sand that is simply damp). Instead of a shallow “U” swing, more like a sharp “V” path.

  1. I find using my wedge as a putter. Using only the toe of the club with a upright shaft, no shaft lean toward you or forward. Using just the toe of the club allows my to play those Florida shots when I visit over the winter. Thanks for your hard work on the videos 🙂

  2. Thought you were about to lead me to another video as soon as you said, “well I actually have a system that’s going to break this down for you”. Lol

    Edit: LMAO! You sly bastard.. I should have finished the video before making that comment.

  3. Hello Clay, you must be watching my practice sessions, I’ve been dialing in my wedges lately.
    I’ve also been wondering how many people out there watch your videos, try to imitate you, and wack their ankle with their iron…..

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