How To Play Greenside BUNKER SHOTS Just Like The Pros (IT’S SIMPLE!)

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✅ 3-Time SW Florida PGA teacher of the year winner!
✅ 27 year Class A PGA Member
✅ David Leadbetter Golf Academy director for 13 years
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23 thoughts on “How To Play Greenside BUNKER SHOTS Just Like The Pros (IT’S SIMPLE!)

  1. I used to mentally crawl into the fetal position whenever I’d have a bunker shot. Then it infected my entire short game…Sorta had to give up the game when I basically got the yips with chips and pitches, and it was a hideous game of ping pong if I got in a bunker. I’m always looking for the secret out of the bunker, etc. the shallow – or just taking a normal swing – helps me. A short game lesson with a pro helps a lot!

  2. I used to have terrible trouble in bunkers but as Adam says, coming from the inside helps hugely, as does having the feeling that your right hand is trying to outrace your left (if you’re right-handed). Thanks Adam. Always enjoy your videos

  3. It’s possible I’m the worst bunker player you’ve ever seen. In firm or even damp sand, I’m fine. But when it’s soft or fluffy, I’m a nightmare. Everything from thin, bladed shots to deep chunky shots leaving them in the bunker. I’ve got to try this, but finding a practice bunker is difficult. Any tips for practicing the correct swing without sand?

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